All individuals interested in pursuing a graduate degree at UA must first apply through The Graduate School. Additional program steps below must be completed along with the University Graduate School application.

Masters of Music Degree in Choral Conducting

  1. Send video displaying both applicant’s conducting, both in performance and rehearsal, from ten to fifteen minutes in total length. Video should be uploaded onto a YouTube or Vimeo, with a private URL link sent to the Director of Choral Studies.
  2. Provide a written personal statement of one to two pages in length, discussing the applicant’s goals and intentions for pursuing a master’s degree in choral conducting.
  3. Send a current copy of your CV/resume.

    Upon review of the above materials, selected applicants will be invited for an on-campus audition with a University of Akron choral ensemble. Specifics of the audition will be sent upon invitation, and will include conducting a rehearsal, partaking in a sample conducting lesson with the Director of Choral Studies, an interview with a faculty committee, and a performance on either voice or piano that displays the applicant’s musicality and expressive qualities.

    Send all materials to the Director of Choral Studies, Dr. Marie Bucoy-Calavan at

Master of Music in Voice Performance

Master's Graduate Auditions:

Audition dates are available throughout the academic year. Applicants should request an audition date by contacting:

Dr. Laurie Lashbrook
Voice Area Chair

Audition Information (Master's in Voice Performance):

  • Applicants must have received a baccalaureate degree (B.A., B.S., B.M., B.M.E.) from an accredited college or university.

  • The admission audition will be approximately 20 minutes long. Applicants should be prepared to sing in Italian, German, French, and English in a variety of styles including both arias and art songs. Appropriate repertoire for the applicant's voice category should be selected.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own collaborative pianist. UA staff pianist may be requested.

  • All music must be memorized except for oratorio arias.

  • Admitted applicants will take required placement exams in theory and music history one week prior to the student's first semester. Any deficiencies will require successful completion of review courses. (See graduate bulletin).

  • At the time of application, graduate students must demonstrate that they have completed the equivalent of French I-II, German I-II, and Italian I-II. All of these courses are available for remedial study at the University of Akron. Students may complete these requirements by taking an examination for reading knowledge in each of the languages or by taking the courses. Languages courses do not count towards a graduate degree in music.

  • Three letters of recommendation to the Voice Chair in the School of Music are required.