University Libraries Faculty & Staff

University Libraries Faculty and Staff

Our commitment to open intellectual inquiry, knowledge sharing, teaching, collaboration and excellent customer service, and the development of our faculty and staff inspires us to create an inviting environment in support of your best learning and teaching experiences.

Dean's Office
Dr. Aimee deChambeau, Dean University Libraries
Ms. Tonya Becker
Ms. Stephanie Dawson-Everett

Access Services
Ms. Melanie Smith-Farrell, Assistant Dean
Mr. Donald Appleby
Ms. Carmella Farruggia
Ms. Caitlin Noussias
Ms. Rita Sausmikat
Ms. Sarah Zornes

Research and Learning Services
Ms. Ann Evans
Mr. Jeffrey Franks
Ms. Janete Orchanian Juliano
Ms. Janine Pavkov

Electronic Services
Dr. Melanie McGurr, Head
Ms. Susan DiRenzo Ashby
Mr. Michael Dowdell
Mr. Gregg Harris
Mr. Joshua Grove
Ms. Valerie Jenkins
Mr. Sean Kennedy
Mr. Mike Monaco
Mr. David Procházka
Ms. Joycelyn Ramos
Ms. La Suarez

University Press
Dr. Jon Miller, Director
Dr. Mary Biddinger
Ms. Amy Freels
Ms. Thea Ledendecker

Science and Technology Library
Ms. Marilia Antúnez
Ms. Tammy Stitz
Ms. Marie Zufall

Design and Development Services
Ms. Wendy Lampner, Manager
Mr. Steve Kaufman
Mr. Jamie Newhall
Ms. Ling Qian
Mr. Patrick Tabatcher
Mr. Scotland Uhl

Audio Visual Services
Mr. Steve Brusso
Mr. Edward Dipold
Mr. Ted Lehr
Mr. Ricco Martin

Archival Services
Mr. S. Victor Fleischer, Head
Mr. John Ball
Mr. Mark Bloom
Mr. James Hilliard
Ms. Donna Lanik
Ms. Zoe Orcutt

Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation
Mr. Joshua Rivas
Mr. Kito March
Ms. Deirdre McDonald

Distance Learning
Ms. Jeanette Carson, Manager
Mr. Yaser Alherimi
Mr. Matt Bailey
Mr. Rich Carmean
Mr. Walter Jevack
Mr. Eric Veigel