Bernadette Genetin

Bernadette Genetin

Bernadette Genetin publishes in the area of Civil Procedure. Her most recent work has addressed the Supreme Court's new approach to personal jurisdiction, as well as various settlement issues in the class action context, such as agency issues, coupon issues (CAFA) and the role of counsel.

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Tracy Thomas was appointed to the editorial board of the new SSRN Remedies Journal, included as a panel of leading Remedies treatise and casebook authors.

Dana Cole spoke on "Psychodrama and the Art of Persuasion" for a conference at the University of Wyoming College of Law.

Marge Koosed published Trying to Get it Right – Ohio, From the Eighties to the Teens, 43 Hofstra Law Review 783-832 (2015), as part of a multi-volume Symposium celebrating the ABA Guidelines and Standards for Performance of Counsel in Capital Cases.

Bernadette Genetin published The Supreme Court's New Approach to Personal Jurisdiction, 68 SMU LAW REVIEW 107 (2015).


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Margery Koosed

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Richard Lavoie (Tax Ethics)


Miller-Becker Center for Professional Responsibility


Scholarship in the area of advocacy and ethics addresses a wide-ranging array of topics essential to the pursuit of justice and the continual improvement of the legal process. The fields addressed here range from civil and criminal procedure to evidence to lawyers' and judges' ethics to legal writing and trial practice and beyond.


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