Get started

We are here to support you. We will do everything that we can to help you continue your coursework. This guide helps you continue your classes online. 

Steps you can take today

  • All courses have a Brightspace site that has already been populated with your classlist. You simply need to use your UAnet ID and password to login here. Tip: You can easily locate this link from the UA home page by searching for the keyword Brightspace.
  • Check Brightspace for your syllabus and any additional information that your instructor has posted.
  • Use the Email link in the Classlist to contact your instructor as needed.
  • Download the Pulse app from Desire2Learn for your smartphone.
  • Check your notification settings in your Brightspace profile. You can choose email or text message options for Announcements, Grades and other learning activities.
  • If you are new to Brightspace or if you want a refresher, visit the Diving Into Online Learning course. You can find it under the Discover tab of the Brightspace homepage.

How to get support