Integrated Bioscience Seminar Series 2020

Seminars are from 245-335PM on Fridays in ASEC (biology) B201. Please contact the listed host if you would like more information about the speaker or details about their visit. Note: Our IB series will continue to feature four speakers invited and hosted by Biomedical Engineering (BME). We welcome BME faculty and students and thank them for helping make the IB series interesting to a diverse audience! Contact Peter H. Niewiarowski for more information.


Speaker & Title


UA Host


Dr. Yuan Tang Bio_Abstract

Title: Microvascular Network on a Chip for Understanding the Role of Endothelial Cells in Inflammation

University of Toledo

Dr. Yun (BME)


Dr. Jackie Novak

Title: The Vascular Effects of the Ovarian Hormone Relaxin

Walsh University

Dr. Yun (BME)


Dr. Alexis Noel

Title: Grip, Grab, and Groom: The Biomechanics of Tongues and Paws


Dr. Niewiarowski, Austin Garner


Dr. Saad Bhamla Abstract

Title: Fast, Furious and Frugal: Soft Matter Principles in Ultrafast Organismal Biophysics and Low-cost Science Tools


Dr. Blackledge


Dr. Deepak Nagrath

Title: Metabolic Abnormalities & Mutualism in Tumors

University of Michigan

Dr. Yun (BME)


Dr. Chris Vinyard

Title: Mastication’s Place in Nature: The Evolution of Primate Chewing Behaviors


Dr. Astley/Hope Zimmerman


Dr. Stephan Mayer

Title: Transforming Psychological Worldviews to Confront Climate Change

Oberlin College

Dr. Niewiarowski, Sarah McInerney


Dr. Kyoo-Chul Park Bio_Abstract

Title: Frost Pattern on Macrotextured Surfaces

Northwestern University

Dr. King


Dr. Lakshmi Dasi

Title: Towards Personalization of Trans-catheter aortic valves


Dr. Yun (BME)


spring break : no seminar




Dr. Richard Moore

Title: From the Wild to the Wild: The Journey of Papaya’s Hermaphrodites

Miami University

Dr. Weeks, Chathumadavi Ediriweera


Dr. Loren Williams

Title: RNA and Protein: A match made in the Hadean


Dr. Sahai, Cynthia Yoder


Dr. Andrew Inkpen

Title: Patterns of Interaction as Units of Selection

Brandon University (Canada)

Dr. Huss


Dr. Ross Hatton

Title: Snakes and Spiders, Robots and Geometry

Oregon State University

Dr. Astley


Dr. Tom Roberts

Title: TBD

Brown University

Dr. Astley

Speakers for Fall 2019 All speaking events are scheduled for

ASEC room B201 from 2:45 p.m. to 3:35 p.m.

Titles for the Fall 2019 will be be updated as information is available.

DATE:               SPEAKER:                                                                                  TITLE:

Sept. 6              Derek Jurestovsky, Thibaut Houette, Paul Bonezzi                         15-minute talks  

Sept. 13            Henry Astley, Jordan Renna, Randy Mitchell                                  15-minute talks

Sept. 20            Dr. Sailaja Paruchuri (UA)                            "Bio-active lipids in inflammation, asthma and cancer."                                                                                                                       

Sept. 27            Jesse Young (NEOMED)                          "Running Wild: What limits mammalian locomotor performance in nature?"   


Oct. 4               Abraham Joy (UA)                                  "Wet adhesion of polyester adhesives: an inquiry into maximizing adhesive                                                                                        and hydrophobic interactions with the surface."  


Oct. 11            Andrew Gordus (Johns Hopkins University)        "A computational model of behaviors that produce spider orb webs."


Oct. 18            Kenneth Kemner (Argonne National Laboratory)          "Using a Synchotron for Biological & Environmental Research:                                                                                                              Taking Superman's X-Ray Vision to a New Level."

Oct. 25            Amir Nourhani (UA)                                           "Microrobotics, Microcyborgs, and Saddling Microorganisms."


Nov. 1             Leah Shriver (UA)                                           "Targeting Metabolic Pathways involved in Infection and Inflammation."


Nov. 8            Christopher Rainwater (NYU)                          "Interpreting Skeletal Trauma: Research and Insights from Forensic                                                                                                           Anthropological Casework."


Nov. 15          Jake Miesbauer (Morton Arboretum)                        "Tree Biomechanics & 3D Modeling"


Nov. 22          Monica Burdick (BME)                                       "Functional Selection Ligands on Cancer Cells in Transit & Transition."

Dec. 6           Ingo Braasch  (MSU)                         "Genomics Journeys into a Lost World: Using Ancient Fish Genomes to Illuminate

                                                                            Vertebrate Development & Evolution"   






IB/BRIC Seminars Spring 2019



 ROOM B 201, FRIDAYS 2:45 PM-3:35 PM

Titles for the Spring 2019 will be be updated as information is available.


Date                      Speaker                                                     Dept./Area

Jan. 25, 2019     Alja Aksamija (UMASS)                            Architecture

"Integrating Innovations in Architecture”

Feb. 1, 2019       Senyo (Case)                                          Biomedical Eng.

"Consideration of the extracellular matrix as a tool for regeneration"

Feb. 8, 2019       Min Ho Kim (KSU)                                    Biomedical Eng.

"Harnessing Macrophage Polarization towards the Resolution of Biofilm Infection"

Feb. 15, 2019     Derek Skillings (Penn)                                Philosophy

Can a Microbiome be healthy?

Feb. 22, 2019     Christopher Kuhar, Ph.D.

"Science and the Role of the Modern Zoo"

Mar. 1, 2019       Natalia Vergara (Colorado)                        Medicine/Vision

“3D Retinal organoids: from human development to regenerative therapy”

Mar. 8, 2019       Chen Li (Johns Hopkins)                            Mech. Eng.

Terradynamics of animal & robot locomotion in complex 3-D terrain”

Mar. 15 2019      Sharon Amacher (OSU)                             Molecular Gen.

Auburn Science Center *  ROOM 120

"Modeling muscle development and disease in zebrafish"

Mar. 22, 2019     Heather Allen (OSU)                                  Chem./Biochem

"Lipids, Electric Fields, and Ion Pairing: Organization of Membranous Aqueous Surfaces"

Mar. 29, 2019: SPRING BREAK 

April 3, 2019 (SPECIAL SEMINAR, WEDNESDAY)     Jan Kippers (University of Stuttgart)

"Biological Design and Integrative Structures" 

ASEC * B201-4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Apr. 5, 2019        Nick Brandley (Wooster)                           Ecol./Behavior

"Visual Acuity across Animals"

Apr. 12, 2019      Hyeon Joo Cheon (Cleve.Clinic)                 Biomedical Eng.

"2’,5’-oligoA synthetase 1 helps cells survive DNA damage by inhibiting

poly(ADP-ribose) accumulation"

Apr. 19, 2019      Yang Hu (Virginia Commonwealth)             Biomedical Eng.

“Dendrimer-based novel multidimensional multifunctional biomaterials for drug and gene delivery”

Apr. 26, 2019      Randee Hunter (OSU)                                Radiology

“Leveraging the Hierarchy of Bone Quality"

May 3, 2019        Annette Rowe (Cincinnati)                         Environ. Micro.   

"Eating Rocks! Investigating microbes that mobilize electrons from minerals, electrodes and other microbes"

Speakers for Fall 2018

All speaking events are scheduled for ASEC room B201

from 2:45 p.m. to 3:35 p.m.

9/7/18    "Re Establishment of wild bee communities on reclaimed mine lands."

Jessie Lanterman, Ohio St. Univ.

9/21/18    "Illuminating ghosts of biospheres past: what stable isotopes can (and can't) tell us about microbial evolution on early earth"

Boswell Wing, Univ. of Colorado

9/28/18     "Night blindness in mice: mice, mechanisms & clinical implications"

Neal Peachey, Cleve. Clinic; CWRU

10/5/18     "Experimental evolution of multi-cellularity"

Mike Travisano, Univ. Minn.

10/12/18    "Perspectives on biological individuality from a microbial point of view."

Maria Rebolleda-Gomez, Iniv. Pitts.

10/19/18     "Ising MALDI-TOF-MS and IBDac to discriminate bacterial function & reduce redundancy in microbial libraries used for antibiotic discovery."

Brian Murphy, Univ, Ill. Chicago

10/26/18    "Applying forensic anthropology to identify missing migrants"

Cate Bird, International Committee of the Red Cross

11/2/18     "A nifty time for computation in human genomics."

Ben Voight, Univ. of Penn.

11/9/18     "Molecular determinants of bone phenotype in long-lived big brown bats (Eptesicus Fuscus) and bowhead whales (Balaena Mysticetus)."

Lisa Cooper, NEOMED

11/30/18   “Skeletal Response to Dynamic Impacts: Applied skeletal biology” 

Amanda Agnew, The Oh. St. Univ.

12/7/18       TBA   Aaron Goldman, Oberlin Coll./Conservatory