2021 UAIS poster submissions

This year's theme: Resilience

UA-IS awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each of the following cateogries:

  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate

The winners will receive:

  1. $250 for 1st place
  2. $150 for 2nd place
  3. $100 for 3rd place

A special thank you to our judges for all their work.

  • Daniela Jauk & Stacey Nofziger — College of Arts & Sciences
  • Rich Londraville — Biology, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Adel Alhalawani, Hunter King & Gopal Nadkarni — College of Engineering and Polymer Science
  • Lori Kidd, Pei Yang Liu & Rob Schwartz — College of Health & Human Sciences
  • Michael Gentithes & Anoo Vyas — School of Law

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Presenting the winners

Graduate 1st place

Kathryn Swanberg
College of Health and Human Sciences

Aided Language Stimulation

Graduate 2nd place

Aparna Agrawal, Piljae Joo, Nicholas Teo, Sadhan C. Jana
College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Advanced Aerogel Materials using Additive Manufacturing

Graduate 3rd place

Apoorva Vishwakarma, Francis Dang, Allison Ferrell, Hazel A. Barton, Abraham Joy
College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Peptidomimetic polyurethanes inhibit bacterial biofilm formation and disrupt surface established biofilms

Undergraduate 1st place

Fallon Carl, Kristina Clem, Victoria Stari
College of Health and Human Sciences

Coping Methods of Food Insecure College Students: A Campus Cupboard Collaboration

Undergraduate 2nd place

Alexander Hawley
College of Arts and Sciences

The Link Between Humor and Personality

Undergraduate 3rd place

Olivia Parker, Emily Gladish, Alex Schwarz
College of Health and Human Sciences

Investigating How High School Coaches Apply Sports Nutrition Knowledge

Biology 1st place

Kristin Keenan, Parker Kim, EJ Hamad, Jessica Onyak, Katelyn B. Sondereker; Advised by Dr. Jordan Renna

Glaucoma Alters the Morphology of Mouse Retinal Ganglion Cell Neurons

Biology 2nd place

Blake Bilinovich, Clayton Hubler, and Olivia Hershey; Advised by Dr. John Senko

Application of Water-Based Epidemiology to Monitor On-Campus Spread of Covid-19