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There are a number of resources available to students that are planning to study abroad, are in the middle of their study abroad term, or are returning home to The University of Akron. We have collected some of these resources that are available and encourage you to check them out.

Pre-Departure Resources

On are Pre-Departure page we have resources ranging from health and safety, to how to make the most out of your time abroad.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Be sure to check our Financial Aid and Scholarships page to find extra opportunities to get funding for your time abroad. It is important to remember that this list is not all inclusive and we encourage you to do your own search for additional financial aid and scholarships that might be applicable to you.

Resources for Returning Students

Transitioning to life back home after spending time abroad can present its own unique challenges and we have some resources to help you adjust to life back at Akron and to make the most of your study abroad experience in your future.

Campus Contacts

See our Campus Contacts page for a list of contacts of people and organizations that will be able to help you with more specific questions that you might have.

International Insurance

See all the FAQs for international insurance and how to purchase it.