Corrosion Engineering at The University of Akron

testingThe Corrosion Engineering program incorporates workforce training, the nation's first baccalaureate degree in Corrosion Engineering, and world-class research in corrosion and materials performance.

As a student, you will play an integral part in the research and implementation of innovation that reduces the life-cycle cost of essential structures and materials. You will learn strong science and engineering principles that integrate a management component to help you develop a competency in management skills that are necessary to carry out projects efficiently and effectively.

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To join the Corrosion Engineering program, you will need to apply for admission to The University of Akron.


As a student, you will be part of something unique. UA's Corrosion Engineering program is the first of it's kind.

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With the knowledge you gain in the classroom, you will help create innovative materials that prevent costly corrosion damage. Corrosion Engineering graduates are in demand!

Video: Why major in Corrosion Engineering

Dr. Joe Payer and Dr. Ed Evans from the University of Akron describe the Corrosion Engineering program and the type of student that would enjoy this major.