Finance and MBA Students Recognized as PNC Achievers


PNC Student Achiever – Rosemarie Amore

Being in a business environment is in Rosemarie Amore’s blood.

Her father owns Independent Termite and Pest Control in her hometown of Newark, Ohio. While she could go into the family business, Amore enjoys corporate finance and wants to go into banking.

But her love of finance isn’t the reason she was named a PNC Student Achiever this semester. Amore, 21, was chosen for her overall success at the University of Akron. As her record shows, she has already begun to lay the foundation for her career.

With a major in financial management and financial planning, Amore already has work experience in her field and is involved in a variety of business-related extracurricular activities.

She is the co-founder and president of the UA Investment Club and is co-founder and vice president of Women in Business. Amore is a student ambassador in the College of Business and is a member of the Financial Planning Student Association.

“I’m really honored and grateful (to be named PNC Student Achiever),” she said. “It validates that everything I’ve been doing and working for has made an impact.”

Amore, a graduate of Newark Catholic High School, prefers to stay busy and likes the challenge of properly managing her time. In addition to her academic commitments, she enjoys volunteering in various capacities because it enables her to help others while gaining valuable leadership skills.

“It’s crazy to think that I’m going to graduate in a couple months, (but) I’m looking forward to having my degree and getting started in the real world.”

PNC Student Achiever Sophia Geier

For Sophia Geier, Akron is quite a bit different from her hometown of Burgebrach, Germany.

She came to the University of Akron five years ago on a tennis scholarship. Having finished her undergraduate degree in sports management, she’s now working on her MBA with a concentration in strategic marketing.

The University of Akron has enabled her to prepare for her career, volunteer in a variety of ways and travel to nearby cities to explore the United States. She has felt welcomed by everyone around her.

“I feel like I’m surrounded by so many people that care,” Geier said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s about school or sports, there’s always someone to reach out to.”

That support system has helped her succeed in sports and academics, and her hard work is already being recognized. Geier was named a PNC Student Achiever in the spring semester. The award is given to two students each semester who excel overall while in college.

Geier, 23, was honored just to be nominated but, even though she has a 4.0 grade point average, she didn’t think she would be chosen out of thousands of students.

“When I got the email that I was nominated, it was nice,” she said. “When I realized (I had won), I couldn’t believe it.”

Upon graduation in 2020, Geier hopes to work in the U.S. in sports management. She realizes it’s not easy to make the transition from a student visa to a work visa, but she hopes to be hired by a company that will support those needs.

“I’m looking forward to not studying (and) actually doing what I learned, not just (practice) in theory anymore,” she said.