Internships, Co-ops, and Practical Training Options are Key to Student Success

Internships and cooperative education (co-op) experiences are some of the most meaningful college experiences. An internship or co-op offers a great opportunity for students to connect classroom learning to “real-world” settings, and to earn college credit and wages to help pay expenses. For employers, it is a way to augment staff and to build a pipeline of talented entry-level employees. The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers undergraduate internship and co-ops. The Coordinator of Internships assists undergraduates, graduates and employers alike through the internship/co-op experience.

Earning College Credit with Internships and Co-Ops

Students who participate in internships and co-ops can receive college credit. Co-ops are reflected on transcripts as a Credit/No credit class and internships are reflected as a three-credit elective. Both internships and co-ops have some related academic requirements. Graduate students are limited to internship opportunities which are reflected on transcripts as a Credit/No credit class. There are limited co-op options available for graduate students. credit class. The CBA graduate co-op option is expected to expand in the 2018-2019 academic year. See information about graduate internships and employment opportunities.

The undergraduate internship course is a 3-credit-hour course, and students will be assessed the University tuition rate for those 3 credits. Graduate internships may range from 1-3 credits. Students registered for the co-op course will be assessed a $55.00 course registration fee. If you have questions about the course for which you should register, please contact the Coordinator of Internships at Even if you do not want to earn course or co-op credit for the experience, you should still report all internships to the Internship Coordinator.