Early Acceptance Program (EAP)


The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) is a four-year undergraduate program of study at The University of Akron leading to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) with a reserved seat in their college of osteopathic medicine, school of dental medicine, or school of pharmacy.  

The program consists of two Phases:

  • Phase 1 is the undergraduate curriculum 
  • Phase 2 is medical, dental, or pharmacy school at LECOM

Each year LECOM can admit up to 5 UA students into their college of osteopathic medicine, school of dental medicine, or school of pharmacy. Students not eligible to apply for the EAP Program can pursue a "traditional" pre-med path at The University of Akron’s Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences (BCAS). Learn more about pre-med and other pre-professional health areas at UA.

Students pursuing the EAP may pursue any of UA’s degree programs; however, it is recommended that students pursue the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, Biology, or Biochemistry depending on the student’s interest and intended health profession. These degree programs meet all LECOM admission requirements and focus chiefly on studies in the humanities, social studies, and all basic pre-admission sciences (see Course Requirements or Frequently Asked Questions). Progress through Phase 1 is based on academic performance and development of personal maturity appropriate to the assumption of professional responsibility.



During Phase 1, EAP students will pursue a four year undergraduate degree.

EAP students will work with the Pre-Health Adviser, Ashley Rini, to ensure they are taking the necessary coursework, engaging in appropriate extracurricular experiences, maintaining required grade point averages, and achieving required scores on entrance exams- if required (see LECOM guidelines). Those EAP students who meet all admission standards of phase 2 will be promoted to Phase 2 upon submitting all necessary documentation: appropriate phase 2 application form (see LECOM guidelines), background check, letters of recommendation, and a final UA transcript. No additional interview is required.



The LECOM phase of this program may be completed in Erie, PA, Greensburg, PA or in Bradenton, FL.  Students enrolled in the EAP may be exempt from taking the MCAT.  An AACOMAS application will not be required.


This program is only available in Bradenton, FL. Upon submitting an AADSAS application, completing four years of undergraduate study, taking the DAT and successfully meeting certain GPA and other requirements, the student enters LECOM’s School of Dental Medicine the following July.  LECOM graduates receive a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree.


The LECOM phase of the programs is four years in Bradenton, FL, or three years in Erie, PA. A distance education (DE) pathway is also available but with some restrictions. Please click here to learn more about the DE restrictions.   EAP students are encouraged to take the PCAT but it is not required for admission.



Students can apply in their senior year of high school or prior to the start of their third year at The University of Akron. Application to the EAP is separate from the application to The University of Akron.  A student may apply for EAP consideration as a high school senior. High school seniors will need to complete the EAP application through the My LECOM Portal and the UA application as a new freshman.

LECOM will review the EAP application.  If the student meets the requirements, LECOM will offer the student a list of EAP interview dates to self-schedule an interview. Following a successful interview, LECOM will notify the student that they qualify for a provisional letter of acceptance from LECOM and they will be enrolled for participation in the EAP upon approval by The University of Akron.  The student and will then be sent the provisional letter of acceptance.

While current undergraduate students may apply, they should schedule an appointment with UA’s Pre-Health Adviser, Ashley Rini, to see if they qualify.