Master of Taxation

The Master of Taxation Program is a professional degree designed to provide intensive training for individuals planning to enter the field and for experienced accountants and attorneys.

The program provides a framework of conceptual, technical and professional knowledge that will assist students in developing expertise needed to examine and understand many aspects of the tax structure. Through an integrated curriculum with emphasis on tax concepts, substantive knowledge of federal and state taxation, tax research, communication skills, and tax planning. Students will develop an ability to identify and solve tax problems.

Admission Requirements

  • GMAT (score of 500 or better preferred - may be waived for CPAs, CMAs, CIAs, or attorneys who have successfully passed the bar exam and have two years of work experience)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume

Application Deadline

  • August 3 for Fall enrollment
  • November 15 for Spring enrollment
  • April 15 for Summer enrollment (preferred for students without pre-tax requirements)

International Student Applications

It s recommended that international students apply one month prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing.  I-20 forms are processed by the Office of International Programs.

Additional Information

Foundation Courses — 6 credits

6200:601 Financial Accounting 3
6200:627 Survey of Federal Taxation 3
Core Courses — 24 credits
6200:628 Tax Research 3
6200:631 Corporate Taxation I 3
6200:641 Taxation of Partnerships 3
6200:642 Corporate Taxation II 3
6200:643 Tax Accounting 3
6200:648 Tax Policy & Ethics 3
6200:649 State and Local Taxation 3
6200:651 International Taxation 3
Elective Courses — 6 credits
6200:629 Tax Crimes and Forensics 3
6200:633 Estate and Gift Taxation 3
6200:644 Income Taxation of Decedents, Trusts, and Estates 3
6200:645 Advanced Individual Taxation 3
6200:646 Consolidated Tax Returns 3
6200:647 Qualified Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans 3
6200:650 Estate Planning 3
6200:693 Selected Topics in Taxation : Mergers and Acquisitions 3
6200:662 S Corporations Taxation 3
Total Credit Hours  30-36

Assistantship/Scholarship Information

Not all departments offer graduate assistantships. Students should inquire with the department directly to determine assistantship availability.

Financial Aid Information

Paying for college is a vital part of the education process. It is important to be informed of the many sources of aid available. Student loans are available to degree-seeking graduate students. Information on student loans can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in Simmons Hall.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees schedules can be found through the Office of Student Accounts.

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