Social Work Licensure Prep Times

for 2021

We are offering three types of sessions:

  • Overview - goes over the application process, test-taking strategies, and reviews some practice exam questions (open to any level of exam)
  • Bachelors - only goes over bachelor's test-taking strategies, and practice exam questions (no application process review)
  • Clinical / Masters - only goes over clinical and masters test-taking strategies and practice exam question (no application process review) 

The sessions are FREE, and no reservation is required

Sessions are open to current UA students (at any level)  AND UA alumni.

All sessions will be offered provided that at least 1 person is present at the time that the session is scheduled to start. 

If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. McCarragher directly at or 330-972-5976.

The exam prep schedule is as follows:

Date Day Time Content Instructor login address
5/19 Wed 5:30-7 bachelors McCarragher
5/20 Thurs 5:30-7 Overview Davis
6/2 Wed 5:30-7 masters / clinical McCarragher
6/7 Mon 5:30-7 bachelors McCarragher
6/15 Tues 5:30-7 masters / clinical McCarragher
6/15 Tues 5:30-7 Overview Davis
7/7 Wed 5:30-7 bachelors McCarragher
7/12 Mon 5:30-7 masters / clinical McCarragher
7/14 Wed 5:30-7 Overview Davis
8/3 Tues 5:30-7 masters / clinical McCarragher
8/10 Tues 5:30-7 bachelors McCarragher
8/11 Wed 5:30-7 Overview Davis