Admission Procedure

To apply to the graduate programs in psychology you must apply online at the University of Akron Graduate School.

In addition to the online application, the following are required:

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Official GRE scores* (note: the GRE requirement is waived for incoming 2021 applicants)
  • Transcripts

Please send these application materials directly to the Graduate School.

Application Deadline

Deadlines for all application materials to be on file in the Graduate School office are as follows:

*update Jan 15, 2021: Late applications will be accepted until final decisions are complete. The graduate school has also recently waived the application fee. Please contact Dr. Snell,, for additional information.

Industrial/Organizational Programs: December 15th

Applications received by December 15th will be reviewed. The graduate school recommends that applications be submitted 6 weeks prior to the department deadline for domestic applicants and 6 months prior to the deadline for international students. However, EARLY SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION MATERIALS IS NOT REQUIRED BUT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. Applications received up to and including December 15th will be reviewed.

Contact Information

Applicants should feel free to contact Kim Sturmi (Administrative Assistant, Department of Psychology) with any questions regarding their application.

Kim Sturmi
Administrative Assistant
College of Arts & Sciences Building Room 341
Akron, OH 44325-4301
phone: (330) 972-8367
fax: (330) 972-5174

Questions to Kim typically address the application process. Some of the common concerns of applicants that Kim can help with are listed below:

  • Receipt of application materials (documents submitted electronically, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, transcripts, etc.).

  • Information from the Graduate School/online application conflicting with information from the I/O program.

Applicants are also strongly encouraged to the chair of the I/O Psychology Admissions Committee with questions regarding the applicant evaluation and selection process.

Andrea Snell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(330) 972-6711 (

Questions typically addressed to Dr. Snell:

  • Should I apply to the MA-PhD program or the Terminal MA program?

  • What are the average GRE scores and GPAs of individuals typically offered admission into the program?

  • How are the various application materials used to select individuals into the program?

  • What makes the I/O program at the University of Akron unique?

  • What teaching opportunities are available to graduate students? Applied experiences?

  • May I send in my updated vita or my new GRE scores? Where should I send them?

  • I have a writing sample. Should I submit it?

Choosing which graduate program to apply to is a very important decision. Dr. Snell is happy to provide potential applicants with any information that may help guide this decision.

International Students

You will need to complete the supplemental form for international students available on the “Apply Yourself” system. International students are required to contact the Office of International Programs at:

Office of International Programs
483 Polsky Building
Akron, OH 44325-3101
phone: (330) 972-6493
fax: (330) 972-8604

If you are a non-native English-speaker, you should provide a score on the TOEFL. This may be considered as a replacement for a GRE verbal score. Admission to the I/O program is determined by the I/O faculty. However, in order for international applicants who are accepted into the program to enroll for classes and be assigned to assistantships, these students must register with the Office of International Programs. International students are also strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Andrea Snell to ensure that the I/O program Psychology Admissions Committee has received the necessary documentation.