In the fall of 1999 we decided to enlarge our program to an exchange with nearby universities. For the October meeting, we invited women mathematics majors from Youngstown State University and Cleveland State University to join us for the luncheon. Dr. Florence Fasanelli was our guest speaker.

In the fall of 2001, we organized a two-day seminar with applied mathematician Kathleen Hoffman of the University of Maryland. Women students and faculty from John Carroll University and Youngstown State were our guests for the lunchtime presentation. In addition to giving a technical colloquium, Dr. Hoffman gave a presentation for local high school girls from the Akron area. 

For several years we have participated in Kid’s Career Day at UA. The event draws about 300 elementary-aged girls from the community. Our mathematical lessons with M&Ms and lollipop graphs were among the most popular presentations. The days have been full of energy and excitement.