Tuition and personal costs

Estimated annual expenses:

Tuition & fees $16,000
On-campus room & board $12,296
Health insurance $1,100
Books $1,000
Total $30,396

If you bring dependents [spouse and/or child(ren)], add $4,160 per dependent to the total.

Residency: International students are considered out-of-state residents for their entire college career.

Tuition and fees details

International student scholarships

Scholarships for first-time freshmen

In addition to our already very affordable cost of attendance, The University of Akron offers a variety of scholarship packages for international students.

The following two scholarships—the Akron Guarantee International Scholarship and Akron International Scholars Award—are for first-time freshmen and will be available starting fall 2018.

To be considered for scholarships, all students must provide ACT or SAT scores as part of the application.

Akron Guarantee International Scholarship

The Akron Guarantee International Scholarship is awarded at levels between $500 and $10,500 in the first year.

What makes the AGIS unique is that it is guaranteed all four years (as long as you maintain a 2.0 GPA) and it increases in value for every 30 credits completed:

30 credits (1 year):  $1,500 increase
60 credits (2 years): $1,000 increase
90 credits (3 years): $1,000 increase

Chart showing traditional offer

Let's first look at a traditional scholarship offer (left).

For a freshman, your grades could drop below the scholarship’s minimum GPA requirement. This means the scholarship was not renewed. Now a student world have to pay thousands of dollars more for tuition in years 2-4.

With the Akron Guarantee Scholarship (right), the scholarship is guaranteed as long as you maintain a 2.0 at UA, and it increases every year for four years, rewarding you for your success. Now you have a better chance of graduating in four years.

HOW TO APPLY: You will be considered for the Akron Guarantee International Scholarship using the information supplied on your application for admission, including your SAT or ACT scores. In other words, there is no separate application for the Akron Guarantee International Scholarship. You will be considered automatically!

Akron International Scholars Award

The Akron International Scholars Award is a full tuition, room, and board scholarship awarded to a small number of outstanding applicants who also demonstrate significant financial need.

Download the application

Send completed applications to The deadline to apply is Feb. 15. Applicants should receive notification of any award by March. 1.

Scholarships for international transfer students

International transfer students* are eligible for Partners in Excellence – Transfer Scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $2,500 divided evenly over two semesters.

* Transfer students are those who have attended an accredited college or university in or outside the United States, but have not received a bachelor's degree yet.

Other scholarships

The Gorazde International Student Fund, for Eastern European students.

The Samir and Salma Gibara International Business Fellowships

Elton Coleman Endowment, for Canadian students