Dr. Meera Chatterjee

Dr. Meera Chatterjee

Title: Professor of Instruction
Research Specialty: Cultural Diversity, introductory geography
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Phone: 330 972-2394
Fax: 330 972-7611
Email: meera@uakron.edu



  • Received an ITL Mini grant on “Information Literacy”
  • Quality Matters (QM) external reviewer for the course “Computer Concepts and Software Applications” taught at Clark State Community College
  • Serving on the Steering Committee of NEXT conference
  • Successfully completed Designing and Developing Your Online Course: A Hands-On Workshop
  • Participated “General Education Assessment Days”


  • Served on the Steering Committee of NEXT conference
  • Served on Merit Raise Committee, Spring
  • Quality Matters (QM) reviewer for the course “Data Collection Methods for Educators” taught at The University of Akron
  • Peer Reviewer Resource Site (PRRS) training with Quality Matters (QM)


  • Worked on GenEd Core 13 restructuring for Summer
  • Served on Peer Review Committee for a GenEd Core 13 course
  • Served on the Steering Committee of NEXT conference
  • Worked on TAG – Cultural Diversity


  • Developed a blended course (Introduction to Geography) for GenEd Core 13
  • Served on Merit Raise Committee
  • Worked on TAG – Introduction to Geography


  • Served as a member on the Online Learning committee of Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences (2013-2014)
  • Submitted Online Course Proposal for “Cultural Diversity”, The University of Akron (2013)
  • Actively participated in the revision of degree learning outcomes, by contributing assessment matrix for the Regional Geography.
  • Submitted Online Course Proposal for “Introduction to geography” (The University of Akron) (2012)



  • Dutt, A., Misra, H.N., & Chatterjee, M. (2008). Explorations in Applied Geography. New Delhi, India: Prentice Hall.

Book Chapters

  • Chatterjee, M., & Noble, A.G. (2016). India Rising: Challenges to Indian Higher Education. In Dutt, A. et al (Ed.), Spatial
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  • Ph.D., Geography, University of Delhi, 1999
  • M.Phil., Geography, University of Delhi, 1988
  • M.A., Geography, University of Delhi, 1984
  • B.A., Geography, University of Delhi, 1982


  • Introduction to Geography (3350:100)
  • World Regional Geography (3350:250)
  • Geography of Cultural Diversity (3350:275)
  • Physical and Environmental Geography (3350:310)
  • Climatology (3350:314)
  • Economic Geography (3350:320)
  • Asia (3350:360)