The Akron Guarantee Scholarship conditions and requirements

Covering the 2018-19 academic year

1. Guarantee: We want our students to graduate within four years with as little debt as possible. Accordingly, we are offering our Akron Guarantee Scholarship to qualified students. These are valid for eight (8) semesters so long as the recipient is:

  • in good academic standing (cumulative 2.0 GPA or better) at the end of each spring semester. (If a recipient’s grade point average slips below the 2.0 mark, s/he will be placed on academic probation or academically dismissed from the University, and this scholarship will be forfeited indefinitely.)
  • engaged in full-time undergraduate study (12 credits or more) each semester.

Please note that you will need to successfully complete an average 30 credits per academic year to receive all three of the automatic scholarship upgrades described below.

2. Check your major/degree requirements: Please note that although the Akron Guarantee Scholarship simply requires a 2.0 GPA for retention purposes, major and degree requirements often require a higher grade point average for admission into a degree program and/or graduation.

3. Automatic upgrades: Automatic upgrades are one unique and distinctive feature of our new Akron Guarantee Scholarship. On completion of a certain number of credit hours, a recipient will earn a scholarship upgrade the following fall semester as follows:

  • Upon successful completion of 30 credits, the student will receive an additional $1,500
  • Upon successful completion of 60 credits, the student will receive an additional $1,000
  • Upon successful completion of 90 credits, the student will receive an additional $1,000

These upgrades are subject to the scholarship cap set forth in the preceding paragraph.

The following grades are not considered successful completion: F, I, IP, AUC, NC, WD, PI.

Developmental courses do not count toward the number of credit hours used to determine the automatic upgrades.

4. Timing of the upgrades: The eligibility for scholarship upgrades will be determined at the conclusion of each spring semester. So, if a student has successfully completed 30 credits by the end of spring semester of her first year, she would receive the base amount of her Akron Guarantee Scholarship PLUS the $1500 upgrade. (For example, if the scholarship recipient’s base Akron Guarantee Scholarship amount is $1000, then she will receive $2500 for this scholarship during her second year.) However, if she only successfully completes 29 credits during year one, then she would not qualify for an upgrade and would have to wait one year to qualify for the upgrade.

5. If you have 30 or more Advanced Placement or College Credit Plus Credits when you start your studies at UA: Students starting their undergraduate studies at The University of Akron who enter with 30 credits or more based on Advanced Placement or College Credit Plus Credits will not receive any upgrades during their first year, but will be eligible for a scholarship upgrade during year two as follows:

  1. if you have 59 credits or less at the end of spring semester, you will receive one $1500 scholarship upgrade; or
  2. if you have between 60-89 credits you will receive a double upgrade totaling $2,500 of additional assistance.

6. About the Akron Guarantee Scholarship for transfer students: Increases to the Akron Guarantee Scholarship for transfer students will occur once a year at the end of the spring semester and will be based on the number of credit hours earned, including transfer credits.

Students who have earned between 30 and 59 credits will receive one $1,500 increase, students who have earned between 60 and 89 credits will receive one $1,000 increase, and students who have earned 90 or more credit hours will receive one $1,000 increase. The Akron Guarantee Scholarship for transfer students is awarded for six semesters of full-time enrollment.

7. Scholarship distribution process: All scholarships (including the Akron Guarantee Scholarship) are awarded on an annual basis and applied in two equal installments, with one half applied to tuition/fees during the fall semester and the other half applied to tuition/fees during the spring semester.

Students may choose to receive one of their eight semesters (six semesters for transfer students) of scholarship during the summer term if they enroll full-time in the summer term and continue to meet other requirements.

8. Finishing studies early: If a student is scheduled to graduate at the completion of the fall semester, the student will receive only one-half of the annual scholarship award in that final semester. If a student enrolls in less than 12 credits during the final semester, the final semester scholarship may be prorated based on the number of credits taken. Also, if you finish your studies in fewer than eight semesters, any unused semesters cannot be accelerated.

For those students pursuing the 3+3 Bachelor’s/Juris Doctor degree program or the 3+1 Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program, the AGS Scholarship shall end once your complete your Bachelor’s degree program (more specifically at the end of the first year of full-time law school or graduate school enrollment). In sum, the AGS Scholarship would be available during the first 3 years of undergraduate school +1 year of law school or graduate school enrollment culminating in the completion of the Bachelor’s degree. Please note that 3+3 students are eligible for separate admissions scholarships through the law school.

9. Leave-of-absence or co-op participation: Students taking an approved temporary leave of absence or participating in a University approved co-op program, externship, or student-teaching program may postpone the application of their Akron Guarantee Scholarship for up to two semesters with advance approval.

10. Akron campus/program requirement: Akron Guarantee Scholarships can only be applied to studies at The University of Akron. If the recipient decides to attend another university as a visiting student, or take part in a non-University of Akron operated study abroad program, the recipient will forfeit the scholarship that would otherwise have been received during that semester of study at The University of Akron.

11. Other scholarships: Financial aid from other sources (e.g., University of Akron employee tuition remission, tuition assistance from employers and military programs, etc.) may be used in combination with the Akron Guarantee Scholarship, but only such that the sum of the Akron Guarantee Scholarship and all of these awards do not exceed charges on a fall or spring UA bill that can include tuition, fees, UA housing, and UA meal plan.

As a matter of priority, the order in which grants/scholarships/loans are applied to financial aid is as follows:

  • 1st = OCOG/state grant programs;
  • 2nd = UA tuition remission (for UA faculty, staff, and dependents only);
  • 3rd = UA scholarships paid from a UA account;
  • 4th = external/third party scholarships paid from a non-UA account;
  • 5th = VA benefits;
  • 6th = Choose Ohio First STEM grant;
  • 7th = PELL grant; and
  • 8th = loans.

12. General: All scholarship awards are based on the availability of funds, and may be adjusted accordingly if funds are not available. To date, The University of Akron has never failed to renew scholarships due to lack of availability of funds.

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