Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems (CAVES)

Mission: Developing sustainable and clean energy sources is essential for the future of life on our planet. The mission of the Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems is to be a leader in the creation of sustainable and clean energy sources, and to facilitate the adoption of these technologies. Consideration is given to the entire energy pipeline, beginning with energy generation, and including energy storage, energy conversion, and finally energy usage. Specific expertise can be found in the areas of power electronics, charging stations, battery management, bidirectional grid-interfaces, motor design, motor drives, hybrid and electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar energy, fuel cells, energy harvesting, control systems, and wireless embedded networked sensor design. 

Background: The Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems was approved by the Board of Trustees in the Fall of 2005. Since its inception, a number of projects, student accomplishments, funded proposals, and new innovations have taken place. The Center is enhanced by a recent Third Frontier award on sensors for clean technologies ($1.67M), as well as an award from DOE to develop highly efficient vehicle powertrains which includes the creation of a 150kW dynamometer laboratory ($1M). The Center activities will form the basis for a number of future innovations beneficial to the economy of NE Ohio and the nation. Major vehicle manufactures and energy companies are seeking our graduates at both the undergraduate and graduate level to benefit from the knowledge gained through the Center and to be involved in future innovations in clean technologies. Recent engagements with GE and BMW in the area of smart grids and batteries further demonstrate the growing reputation of CAVES.