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If you're a UA Faculty member and you're interested in planning a study abroad experience, you're in the right place!

All FLEDs (faculty-led programs) must be approved by the International Center and your college.

After obtaining permission from your dean, submit your proposal. Proposals will be reviewed case-by-case by the International Center, Risk Management, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Office of General Counsel, and Environmental Health and Occupational Safety.

Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program (FLED) during COVID-19

Begin the proposal process at least 3 months before your first non-refundable deposit is due to provide time for review. Starting sooner is recommended so you have maximum time to recruit students for an approved program.

Requirements for Approval:

  1. Check the current CDC COVID-19 Level & Department of State (DOS) Travel Advisory Level for your destination(s).
  2. The program must be led by at least two UA faculty or staff directors.
    • Exception: Programs involving third-party affiliates or partner institutions with which we have an established FLED relationship will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The course must offer an alternate means to complete academic requirements if a student is unable to travel or the entire program is canceled.
  4. Obtain your chair and dean’s approval.
  5. Complete the program proposal online and submit the following supporting materials to Heather Pollock: budget, refund policy, and alternate assignment details.
  6. The International Center will consult with Risk Management, Office of General Counsel, Office of the Controller, Office of Academic Affairs, Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, and Student Affairs to determine whether the program may proceed.

After Approval:

  1. Promote the opportunity to students.
  2. Before collecting any program fees from students, advise participants in writing of the program-specific refund and cancellation policies. Encourage students to book refundable or changeable flights and accommodations when possible.
  3. Before submitting any non-refundable payments on behalf of the program, collect the following documents from all participants and submit them to Heather Pollock:
    • Program Participation Agreement
    • COVID-19 Addendum
    • Conduct Form
    • Health and Emergency Information Form
    1. When participant list is final, email insurance enrollment spreadsheet to Heather Pollock and copy Laura Miller-Francis
    2. Send Health Services the following information for each student participant: name of student (as it appears on their Zip Card), student ID number, and university-issued email address. Do not send any additional information to Health Services about the students.
    3. Health Services will provide participants’ vaccination information to the faculty director(s). Participants exempt from UA’s vaccination requirement must discuss with the faculty director how they will satisfy the entry requirements and/or quarantine required by the destination.

    While Abroad:

    Participants must follow COVID protocols of destination(s). This includes country entry requirements and protocols of partner institutions or affiliated program providers.

     Return from Abroad:

    Participants must follow the COVID testing protocol UA has in place if they will be returning to campus. Participants exempt from vaccination must follow UA’s quarantine requirements before coming to campus.

    Resources and Guidance (pre-COVID)

    Step 1:

    Complete the FLED program proposal and submit the additional materials requested on the proposal form to receive program approval. Please note that your program must be approved before you proceed to the remaining steps. If you have questions throughout the proposal and approval process, please contact the study abroad office.

    Step 2:

    Market the opportunity. Be sure to market the program to students you may be teaching in relevant courses, put flyers up throughout your department, post the information to your department's website and social media, and ask other relevant departments to cross post the info to their students. Your program will be listed on the Faculty-Led section of our the Education Abroad website. Also, you are invited to table at the next Education Abroad fair (TBA).

    Other ways you can market the opportunity:

    • You can request a table in the student union concourse (near Union Market) by emailing
      • We recommend recruiting students who have gone on your trip in the past to be available at the table as well.
    • Submit the details of your opportunity to Zipmail.

    Step 3: forms, forms, and more forms…

    Once you're at a point where you know which students will be travelling with you, please:

    Each student must complete the following:

    1. The online Health and Emergency Information form
      • You and any other faculty traveling with you must also complete this form
    2. Student Conduct Study Abroad Release Form
      • In ONE batch, please scan and email all of the completed forms to the Office of Student Conduct for review and approval.
      • We will notify you if any of your students have any conduct issues that would render them ineligible to study abroad.
    3. Program Participation Agreement & Release/Waiver of Liability
      • If you have students under 18 travelling with you, complete this waiver form instead.
      • In ONE batch, please scan and email all of the completed Participation Waiver forms to Heather Pollock, in the education abroad office.


    • In the case of an emergency, please contact local authorities (EMS/Police) for immediate assistance. For all other emergencies, call the UAPD 24-hour number +1-330-972-2911. The dispatcher will connect you with help.

    Step 4:

    Once you have all of your travel dates and lodging details finalized, complete the CLERY ACT Reporting Form for UAPD.

    While you're away:

    Be intentional about posting on social media and have someone from your department lined up to spread that more broadly for you so that you get exposure for your program and your students – this can be helpful in developing donor relationships who may be interested in supporting scholarships or program funding for your trip in the future, as well as helping increase interest among current students for future trips.

    When you return:

    Request photos, quotes, and videos, from students that capture their experience. You can use these for similar purposes, as well as for admissions recruiting efforts. Prospective students are always interested in study abroad programs available in their specific field.

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