Endowments- A Handshake Across Time

Life's treasures - the dreams and causes we cherish most - often propel us to think about how they'll be cared for into the future. How generations can look across time, ensuring that their most important ideals live on. The support of education through endowments is one of the best ways, providing a "handshake of opportunity" from one generation to the next, a lasting impact felt long into the future.

You can establish a permanent fund making a lasting impact on The University of Akron. Gifts to endowment provide a consistent source of funding to the program of your choice.

All gifts to endowment are permanently invested with only the income used to meet your interests.

Endowments are established for many reasons; to provide scholarships to deserving students, to honor faculty or distinguished service, to memorialize loved ones or simply to thank the University.

Your gift will support the University for many years to come.

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