Gender-neutral bathrooms

Each building below is marked with a letter. On the map at the bottom of this page, the letters show each building's location. Or you can follow the hyperlinks to see the location on an interactive campus map.

A. Administrative Services Building – Across from Room 146

B. Auburn Science and Engineering Center – Across from Rooms 2, 261 and 460

C. Ayer Hall – First and second floors

D. Central Hower Community School – Room 314

E. College of Business Administration – Rooms 288, 289, 290, 291

F. Crouse Hall – Rooms 219 and 323

G. Goodyear Polymer Center – Second floor

H. InfoCision Stadium – Rooms 100C and 160A

I. McDowell Law Center – Rooms 372 and 373

J. Polymer Engineering Academic Center – Second floor

K. Student Recreation and Wellness Center – Rooms 115A and 116B

L. Student Union – Rooms 121 ,223 and 331

M. Whitby Hall – Second and fourth floors

Map showing the gender-neutral bathrooms on The University of Akron campus