Respiratory Therapy (Bachelor’s Degree)

Respiratory Therapy Fundamentals

Respiratory therapists evaluate and treat all types of patients, from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to the elderly whose lungs are diseased. 

  • Comprehensive curriculum includes courses designed specifically for respiratory therapists, such as:
    • cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology
    • diseases
    • diagnoses
    • treatments and rationales for treatment
    • function and mechanics of equipment
    • cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Professional Preparation

In the field of respiratory therapy, there are two levels of credentials:

  • The Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) exam must be passed to be a certified respiratory therapist.
  • Upon graduation from the respiratory therapy program and successful completion of the CRT exam, you may attempt the Registry Exam to become a registered respiratory therapist. The state of Ohio requires a license to practice respiratory care.

Our Faculty

  • are innovative and interactive
  • bring years of real-world experience to the classroom and lab

Akron Advantage

Real-world Experience

In the department’s laboratory, you will learn to administer gases and aerosols, and be trained in:

  • gas analysis
  • airway management
  • humidification
  • postural drainage
  • pulmonary functions
  • mechanical ventilation
  • usage of respiratory care equipment

You also will spend time in a hospital setting, working with patients.

Respiratory Therapy Student Organizations

Interact with other respiratory therapy students and professionals in the field through organizations such as:

Sample Curriculum

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For More Information:

School of Allied Health Technology

Contact: Stacia Biddle

Career Opportunities

Degrees and Preparation

A degree in respiratory therapy provides career opportunities in varied settings, including:

  • hospitals - handling respiratory care, anesthesiology and pulmonary medicine
  • clinics
  • doctor’s offices
  • nursing homes
  • firms selling home-use equipment

Career Services

Career Services is located in Student Union 211, with another office in College of Arts and Sciences Building 126. Career Services provides career coaching and programming, and develops valuable relationships with employers and campus partners to provide students with many opportunities for experiential learning and career development.