Women’s Studies Minor

Women's Studies Fundamentals

UA's interdisciplinary program includes a core of women's studies classes and a range of classes focused on women and gender from the humanities and social sciences. Students in women's studies are encouraged to debate assumptions, explore divergent viewpoints, and investigate the social, political, economic and cultural practices that produce and reproduce gender and women's status in society. Women's studies also highlights the necessity of understanding important social divisions other than gender, including age, race, economic status, sexuality and nationality.

Professional Preparation

The minor in women’s studies adds a strong complement to many majors. This program helps prepare students for careers in education, law, health, public administration and social services, as well as management and leadership positions in business or government.

Our Faculty

  • Use feminist teachings in the classroom
  • Are committed to the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of women and gender


Akron Advantage

Courses that count toward the minor in women's studies are taught by scholars from English, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, communications, psychology and more.   

Real-World Experience

You have the opportunity to apply what you learn in women’s studies courses when you enroll for the Women's Studies Internship and work in campus or community organizations.  

Women's Studies Student Organizations:

  • Liberation In Progress (L.I.P.) — Undergraduate
  • Graduate Committee for Research on Gender & Women (GradCROW) — Graduate

Sample Curriculum

Required courses

9 credits
3001:200 Introduction to Women's Studies, 3 credits
3001:480 Feminist Theory, 3 credits-OR-
3600:455 Philosophy of Feminism 3 credits


Students must also take 12 credits of electives, with at least nine at the 300 or 400 level, and no more than two courses from the same department)

Women's Studies
3001:485 Special Topics in Women's Studies (can be repeated) 3 credit hours
3001:489 Internship in Women's Studies  1-3 credit hours
3001:493 Individual Studies on Women  1-3 credit hours

Classical Studies and Anthropology
3200:363 Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
3230:416 Anthropology of Sex and Gender

3300:364 Women Writers  
3300:440 Women and Film 
3300:453 American Women Poets  

3400:325 Women in Modern Europe
3400:350 U.S. Women's History
3400:377 History of Women in Latin America
3400:400 Gender and Culture in China
3400:469 African-American Women's History
3400:499 Women and Gender in Middle Eastern Societies

Modern Languages
3580:430  Women in 2001 Century Hispanic Literature

3600:455 Philosophy of Feminism

Political  Science
3700:375 Women in Politics

3750:474 Psychology of Women (4 credit hours)

3850:325 Sociology of Women in a Global Society
3850:415 Women in Prison
3850:416 Women and Crime
3850:447 Sociology of Sex and Gender
3850:455 Family Violence

Family and Consumer Sciences
7400:201 Courtship, Marriage & Family Relations
7400:219 Dress and Culture
7400:265 Child Development
7400:442 Human Sexuality
7400:446 Culture, Ethnicity and Family

Social Work
7750:265 Women and Addiction
7750:411 Womens Issues in Social Work Practice

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For More Information:

Women's Studies Program

Contact: Mary Triece

Career Opportunities

Career Outlook

Specialists in women's studies are increasingly being used as consultants in higher education, industry, insurance companies and personnel firms for their training in understanding gender relations.

Career Services

Career Services is located in Student Union 211, with another office in College of Arts and Sciences Building 126. Career Services provides career coaching and programming, and develops valuable relationships with employers and campus partners to provide students with many opportunities for experiential learning and career development.