Sport Science/Coaching

Master of Science in Physical Education: Sport Science/Coaching

About the Degree

The Sport Science graduate program has been designed to educate individuals interested in learning how to become effective coaches and administrators in sport organizations.  Licensed educators may be able to use the sport science program option to meet the master/30-hour requirement for the second renewal of their professional licensure. However, these individuals should seek approval from their local professional development committee. 

Two concentration areas are offered within the Physical Education (PE): Sport Science/Coaching Program. These areas are Sport Administration and Coaching.  The Sport Administration concentration requires nine credits of specified course work in Sport Administration including courses in planning and promotion of sport, sport leadership, and the business of sport.  The eight credits of specific coaching science course work include classes in sport nutrition, injury management, and the physiology of muscular activity and exercise.

The PE: Sport Science/Coaching Program offers a broad overview of the specific elements that entail the science of sport including, the disciplines of sport psychology, sport sociology, sport ethics and principles, and legal and financial aspects of sport.  Additionally, course work includes study within the disciplines of sport pedagogy, motor learning, and the administration and organization of sport. 

Salary and Career Outlook

The career outlook for those with an interest in the sport science field is very good.  According to the Bureau of Labor statistics (May 2017), the job market growth for Coaches and Scouts from 2016-2026 is expected to be 13% faster than average. The Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts rising sport participation and interest at the high school and collegiate levels which should continue to create more coaching and sport administration job opportunities for our sport science/coaching graduates. 

Salaries for those that work in the spectator sports industry are competitive.  Specifically, the mean salaries were $59,240 for Business and Financial Operations occupations in the spectator sports industry.  Additionally, according to information from the 2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median wage for the coaching profession was $32,270 for college and university coaches.   In addition, the top 10 percent of coaches earned over $65,000. 

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why Akron?

Our focus on coaching is extremely unique to Northeast Ohio at the graduate level. In fact, Cleveland State and Kent State do not offer master’s programs in sport science/coaching. Our program provides a general base of sport science knowledge as well as specialization in coaching and sport administration which is distinctive from other programs that may only focus on the business of sport.

Our programs offers students flexibility in course instruction. Many of our course offerings can be completed through online learning. Additionally, there is great opportunity to become involved in out of the classroom activities related to the sport industry. Many students gain opportunities to be involved as graduate assistants with the Athletic Department, Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education. Also students have an excellent opportunity to complete field experience hours with local collegiate sport organizations, recreational sport organizations, as well as high school athletic departments and local professional sports teams.

Students from our program are employed in a variety of settings within the recreational, high school, collegiate and professional sport environment.   Currently, most of our graduates are working in the collegiate sport industry.  Others are employed with interscholastic athletics as teacher/coaches, athletic directors, and administrators.  Additionally, graduates are employed in the recreational sport industry, in professional sport, have gone on to additional graduate school, or are working in general business jobs.  Most of our graduates are employed in the sport industry.

Students that have graduated from our PE: Sport Science/Coaching Program have gone on to significant career achievements. One of our graduates was on the coaching staff of the New England Patriots for the last Super Bowl and is now a Super Bowl Champion.  Additionally, three of our former students went on to win a national Championship as part of coaching staff’s in Men’s NCAA Division I Soccer and NCAA Track and Field.  We have a graduate on the coaching staff of the Green Bay Packers.  Many of our former graduates work in NCAA Division I athletic departments.

Contact Information

Contact Information:

Dr. Seungbum Lee