NEXT 2023 - Building Connections - October 6, 2023

NEXT 2023

Building Connections

To connect means to bring together or to put into contact two things that might otherwise remain distant. As educators, we seek to connect students with complex ideas and challenging concepts. Moreover, we strive to connect them with available resources, including campus events, library offerings, databases, and disciplinary experts. Post-COVID, we also find ourselves working much harder to connect students with each other—and to forge personal connections that will foster their success in our classrooms.

This year’s NEXT conference invites you to consider the connections we want our students to make—with course content, each other, and the world outside the university. This will also be a time to connect with one another, to learn and be inspired. We invite you, then, to submit a proposal—and/or register now—for the next NEXT Conference on October 6, 2023, at the University of Akron.

NEXT 2023 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

2023 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

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