Earn your Sociology degree at UA.

Sociology is the study of society and social frameworks within which we live our lives. It is a study of social life at every level, from two-person relationships to the rise and fall of nations and civilizations in an extended examination of the ways societies work— or fail to work.


What is Sociology?

Sociology is the science of social behavior, human connection, and social institutions. 

In our sociology program at UA you will learn:

  • How to see and understand the world with greater clarity, using cutting edge social science methodology.
  • How social institutions like, healthcare, law, family, and education impact our lives directly and indirectly.
  • The tools necessary to address the systems of inequality and how to create solutions.

Department of Sociology Mission and Vision Statement:

The Department of Sociology provides all students with the tools to engage, and the skills to solve, real-world problems including issues of health and well-being, social justice and inequalities. We collaborate across campus and with community members and organizations to develop students with strong analytic and communication skills who can think critically and act creatively to address social problems. By ensuring that all students apply their learning through hands-on research projects and a range of experiential learning opportunities, we graduate informed students who are prepared to work in areas designed to address systemic problems facing our local, regional and global communities and organizations.

Undergraduate degrees

BA in Sociology – with multiple focus areas

Minor in Sociology – completes all general requirements

Certificate in Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Certificate in Conflict Transformation and Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

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Sociology careers

When you learn the tools necessary to make a real impact and be a positive force in our complex world, you will have a dynamic and rewarding career.

What can you do with a Sociology degree


Our graduates share how their sociology education propels them forward professionally and why they highly recommend Sociology at The University of Akron to you.

Sociology degree graduate from The University of Akron

Megan Delong
B.S. Sociology, Criminology & Law Enforcement '18

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Sociology degree graduate from The University of Akron

Keyona Rogers
B.S. Sociology, Criminology & Law Enforcement '17

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Sociology degree graduate from The University of Akron

Hannah Horrigan
B.A. Sociology, '17

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Sociology degree graduate from The University of Akron

John Livigni
B.A. Sociology, '17

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Dedicated faculty

Our faculty & staff are invested in you now and beyond UA. The department is a welcoming environment for all, where we respect and celebrate our diversity both in people and in subject matter.

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Teaching, hands-on experience & networking

As part of our curriculum, you will participate in research and unique courses. Plus, our proximity to agencies and businesses in Akron provide ample opportunities to intern and network in various fields.

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We have four areas of concentration in our department:

  • Medical sociology and mental health
  • Social inequalities
  • Social psychology
  • Criminology and deviance

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Sociology events

Multi-disciplinary Scholarship and Approaches to Health and Social Justice

Series of lectures and panels sponsored by the Center for Conflict Management and the Department of Sociology.

October 28, 2021

Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Presented online, email for event link.

Using Reflexive Ethnography toUnderstand Long-Term Intimate Partner Violence, Drug andHealth Disparities among Latina Young Adults

Presentation by:

  • Dr. Alice Cepeda, Associate Professor of Social Work & Sociology, USC
  • See event flyer

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