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Greetings Students:

Thank you for your interest in our Field Experience Seminar (FES)!  Internships are an effective way for students to gain work experience while also receiving academic credit before graduation.  In fact, many internships turn into full-time jobs.  You can partake in the FES in the fall and spring semesters.

Getting started on your internship search is easy! Simply get in touch with our internship coordinator, Dr. Charles Waehler, for more information via phone or email.

The purpose of our FES is to have students:

  • Gain supervised experience working directly with people who are accessing public service agencies
  • Increase understanding of self, work with the particular clientele, work in agencies, effective service delivery
  • Apply previously learned psychological knowledge
  • Engage in critical thinking
  • Learn to consider both individual and systemic contributions to social undertakings
  • Gain confidence in working with individual and community service activities
  • Develop skills for interacting constructively with public agencies
  • Gain knowledge of mental health and social justice services
  • Gain practical experience in promoting mental health and social justice
  • Build resume experiences for future employers/graduate school applications
  • Develop individual student goals to aid in personal development

The student seminar portion of our FES brings together approximately 8-10 students placed at diverse sites into the weekly seminar.  Students will be expected to document their field experience via reflective journal entries, developing and presenting on their placement, and writing an Integrated Field and Academic Experience Reflection (IFAER) paper.  These exercises will evidence the skills and training you have gained via your psychology coursework.  The seminar is meant to enhance the placement experience by involving students in discussion, instruction and evaluation through reflective learning, case presentation, personal and peer review, and professional consultation.


FES is open to all psychology majors who have completed psychology 100, 105 and 110 and eight additional credits in psychology.  Placement in community organization for supervised experience related to degree requirements. Student must submit a [FES Form (495-005)] Position Acceptance Form to Dr. Waehler or his current Graduate Teaching Assistant during the semester prior to enrollment.

For site supervisors of interns: Internship description and expectations memo

Internship Testimonials

Maximovich“Being a part of the Field Experience Seminar gave me a new understanding of the resources that are available in our community. It was a valuable experience to get an inside scoop on the goals and progress of psychology-related organizations close to home. 

FES gave me the opportunity to share my experiences with psychology students like me. Discussing my placement, job duties, and feelings about daily occurrences helped me to recognize all of the ways that my position at Total Education Solutions enabled personal growth in my journey with psychology. Working at Total Education Solutions was a positive and unforgettable experience.

My favorite aspect of FES was the open and friendly environment that allowed for sharing ideas freely and coming together to work through difficult circumstances. Even in a good organization, I learned that there is room for each person to recognize where improvement is needed and leave their lasting impact.”

  • Kayla Maximovich, Placement: Total Education Solutions

White Blue

“I was lucky enough to be able to take this course two semesters in a row for the maximum amount of credits possible. My first semester in the course I gained an internship at a Total Education Solution which shortly turned into me being hired as an employee. While getting paid, gathering experience and earning credits I was able to boost my resume and my knowledge of hands on ABA work. My second experience was the following semester at Minority Behavioral Health Group where I stood on the intern level. However, I was able to network and get hands on experience with assessment and quantitative methods in psychology and realized it was not as scary as I thought. The experience I gained from FES is what allowed me to stand out when applying to jobs after graduation. The network I gained from this course is what helped me the most when asked to provide references.”

  • Christiana White Blue, Placement: Total Education Solutions and Minority Behavioral Health


“I interned with the Summit County Prosecutors, under the Victim Advocates office. This was an amazing experience, as I was able to use my education in psychology in real life scenarios. I was able to incorporate several counseling techniques, as well as knowledge on different coping mechanisms for trauma. Being in the Field Experience Seminar allowed me to gain experience in the working world, while also tying it in to my education. This internship helped me make many connections and showed me that I am on the right path for my future. I encountered many opportunities to learn and grow while participating in this internship and seminar.”

  • Kayla Cash, Summit County Prosecutors, Victim Advocates office


“The majority of my college career as a psychology student entailed the learning of others around me and in the community. However, during and after my enrollment in the FES class, I learned of a significant amount of intriguing facts about myself. I also became more aware of my observational skills, my nonverbal presence and more importantly my personal biases. This class continues to be a beneficial investment for me as I pursue further development and improvements in my educational and personal life.

I’d also like to add that there is a large variety of career opportunities available to students wanting to pursue a degree in psychology or currently obtain a degree in psychology. I plan to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, which exemplifies my previous statement. Do your research and expand your horizons. Don’t limit yourself! After all, wouldn’t we all want to have a career that we actually enjoy.”

  • Ta’Tyana Harrison, Summa Health (Akron City Hospital)


“My experience with FES was amazing, as we learned valuable skills. Additionally, we learned about our own implicit cultural biases, and we learned more about the field of psychology. I was placed at a non-profit mental health agency in Akron called Child Guidance & Family Solutions. Not only was I able to gain extraordinary experience in my field, I was also able to gain so much knowledge about myself, and I experienced personal growth.

I figured out more of what I do and do not want to do in my career. I learned so much from observing counseling sessions and seeing clients go through hardships, which caused me to become more equipped to assist others in times of difficulty. FES helped me think on a deeper level about the impact I have on others, and I gained a greater passion and awareness for my field, that I would not have been able to achieve without this experience. I couldn’t recommend this transformative seminar enough.”

  • Valerie Rubin, Placement: Child Guidance & Family Solutions


“My experience from this class and my field placement was far greater than what I imagined. I gained so many different opportunities that I didn’t even know existed! I was able to complete a 40-hour training with Hope and Healing which gave me the access to be involved in endless possibilities! This class offered me the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and gain real life experience. Taking this class and being involved with Hope and Healing have given me a sense of purpose, fulfillment and networking skills that will benefit me for the future!”

  • Maria Gruccio, Placement: Hope & Healing



For more information, contact Dr. Waehler or Emily Thornton:

TA: Emily Thornton
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Counseling Psychology Program
Graduate Teaching Assistant
The University of Akron

Charles A. Waehler, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Counseling Psychology
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Internship Testimonials