2001 Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Nissim Calderon

Dr. Nissim Calderon graduated with his Ph.D in Polymer Science in 1962 from UA. Prior to that he received a M.S. degree in Chemistry from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also received a Doctor in Technical Science by Technical University of Graz, Austria in recognition of his pioneering work on catalysis, and the Carl-Dietrich Medal by DKG, the German Rubber Society.

Dr. Nissim Calderon, discoverer of the olefin metathesis reaction in 1964, retired as vice-president of research for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1997. In 1962, Dr. Calderon joined Goodyear as a senior research chemist and was promoted to section head of the new elastomers research division in 1967. As changes in rubber chemistry and technology occurred, it became apparent that Goodyear would place increased emphasis on new processes, and Dr. Calderon was named manager of new polymerization processes in 1975. That promotion was followed in 1977 by his move to the general-purpose rubbers department as manager. In 1983, he became manager of tire materials research, a position he held until he was appointed to vice presidency. Dr. Calderon holds 17 patents, and his olefin metathesis reaction is now employed in more than 300-patented applications in the petroleum, rubber, and chemical industries.

An avid computer and Internet user and tennis and racquetball player, he and his wife Rivka, live in Akron. They have a son and daughter.