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Computer Refresh Initiative for Full-Time Contract Professionals, Staff, and Some Remaining Faculty

An initiative is underway to replace aged employee desk and laptop computers for full-time contract professionals, staff, and some remaining faculty members.  Desktop and laptop computers purchased more than five (5) years ago will be replaced with new equipment. The new equipment will provide users with more current technology, capabilities, and will feature stronger security standards.

Campus Network Upgrade
Campus Network Upgrade

Over the course of the last two years, the University of Akron network team has been upgrading the wireless and wired network across campus. We wanted to explain the benefits that the upgrade provides and let you know what to expect as we continue to migrate buildings.

SharePoint Migration to SharePoint 365
SharePoint Migration to SharePoint 365

Information Technology Services is moving all active SharePoint 2010 sites housed on campus to SharePoint 365 in the cloud.

Undergoing a digital transformation to implement new network systems at The University of Akron

Recently CIO John Corby was quoted in the Business Chief about the digital transformation that is underway at The University of Akron. For the full article click here. 

University Dashboards relaunched
University Dashboards relaunched

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, a series of dashboards providing a self-service environment with access to critical University information involving areas such as enrollment, retention and scholarship will be launched for general campus access.

EduRoam now active at The University of Akron
EduRoam now active at The University of Akron

You can connect to wireless network while at other universities
The campus wireless network has begun broadcasting a third network name, called "eduroam." Eduroam is a service which allows visiting scholars or students from other participating universities to connect to our wireless with their home credentials. Members of The University of Akron community who are traveling can now connect to Eduroam at hundreds of member institutions.

ZipSpace is being decommissioned

With the start of fall semester, Information and Technology Services is announcing that ZipSpace, used for file storage and web hosting, is being decommissioned due to its declining usability and the availability of free, cloud-based alternatives.