Undergrad Certificate


The University of Akron's Undergraduate Certificate in Biomimicry is designed to give students training and experience in the theory, methods, and practice of seeking inspiration from living systems to solve technical challenges. Undergrads seeking a certificate will work with peers and faculty from departments including biology, art, engineering, and business to develop a skillset enabling problem solving in a variety of contexts where innovation and sustainability are desired outcomes.

We encourage students majoring in art, science, engineering, business, and allied disciplines to take advantage of this new certificate.

These are cross-disciplinary classes that encourage flexible thinking, immersive learning, real world challenges, abstract concepts, problem solving and learning from the natural world.

More details are provided in our Undergraduate Certificate in Biomimicry Flyer [Updated 3/21/19]

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For more information about our Undergrad Certificate: Contact Peter Niewiarowski, BRIC Principal Investigator / Professor of Biology


Required Courses:

3100: 238 Biomimicry Foundations - 3 Credits - FALL 2019
Prerequisites: None
Dr. Peter Niewiarowski

Biomimicry is the process of learning about and from nature in order to spark new ideas like Velcro, airplanes, and swarm computing, that offer a powerful paradigm for solving all kinds of problems.

4600:481 Technology-Based Startups - 3 Credits - SPRING 2020 (Note special course number for spring 2020 below)
Prerequisites: None
Dr. Gopal Nadkarni

Innovate and work in interdisciplinary groups to find technology startup opportunities that can be solved using known biomimetic concepts.

NOTE: The course number for Technology-Based Startups for spring 2020 is: 4600:486-805 Technology-Based Startups (see course flyer)

CAPSTONE 3100:318 Biomimicry Design Challenge - 3 Credits - SPRING 2020
Prerequisites: None
Dr. Petra Gruber

Working across disciplines and using nature as a model for creating an innovative solution that targets a specific design problem.

Electives (Choose two, take in any order)

3100: 475/575 Comparative Biomechanics - 3 Credits - FALL 2019
Prerequisites: None
Dr. Henry Astley

Learn about how animals run, jump, swim, fly, burrow and eat by linking physics and engineering with biology.

7100: 316 Biodesign - 3 Credits - FALL 2019
Prerequisites: Sophomore status or permission of instructor
Dr. Petra Gruber

Biodesign is an entry level design course in biomimicry using nature as a model for creating innovative design solutions.

9871:333 Physics of Living Systems - 3 Credits - SPRING 2020
Prerequisites: None
Dr. Hunter King

Learn how biological systems use structure and material to derive rich optical and mechanical function.