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We have put in place the following policies so that we can best serve the greatest number of people and groups.

Executive Director, Student Union or his/her designee has the right to waive these policies.

Department of Student Life Contact Information

Animals in the Student Union

Animals are prohibited in the Student Union. Exception: A trained animal assisting an individual with accessibility needs is permitted.

Concourse Table Space

Registered student organizations or academic/administrative departments may reserve concourse tables. Concourse table spaces are available during normal Student Union building hours for information and some fundraising activities. • Each concourse table may have a maximum of two chairs. • Any equipment, supplies, displays or materials must be contained within the designated table space. • Sound amplification such as speakers, microphone, etc. may be used as long as the volume is set within reason (to be determined by the Department of Student Life). • Groups violating these policies are subject to termination of table space for the duration of the semester or as determined by the Department of Student Life. Cancellation of a concourse table reservation must be 24 hours in advance or it will be considered a “no-show.” Failure to cancel a reservation, or no-show, more than two times per semester will forfeit the opportunity to utilize the space/tables in the facility for the remainder of the semester. Vendors should refer to the Sales, Distribution, and Solicitation policy.

Events Involving Alcohol

All social events sponsored by registered student organizations or academic/administrative departments, on or off campus, must comply with University alcohol regulations. Any registered student organization event involving alcohol will be considered a major event. Registered student organizations must notify the Department of Student Life during the Campus Space Request process. It is required that the event be scheduled with the Student Union 30 business days prior to the event. • A meeting will be arranged with the organization to review the policy related to major events and ensure the successful program for the group. • Police are required at events involving alcohol. The number of police will be determined at a pre-event meeting. Student organizations cannot schedule activities that promote drinking contests or alcohol abuse.

Game Room Guidelines

The Student Union Game Room is open to all University of Akron students free of charge. Students must present a valid Zip Card to be admitted. Guests are permitted as long as they are accompanied by a University of Akron student with a valid Zip Card, have photo identification and pay $5 for an all-day pass. Faculty, Staff, Campus Based Users (University of Akron department using the requested facility for University of Akron business), and their guests can pay a fee of $5 for an all-day pass for the use of the Student Union Game Room. There are Bowling and Billiards classes offered in the Game Room; however the Game Room is still open to visitors during this time, depending on which side classes are being held. Please respect the classes being conducted. • No Running/Horseplay in the game room. • Please do not sit, lean, or place personal effects on the gaming tables. • Bowling shoes and socks are required on bowling lanes. • Do not adjust the TV's. Please ask a staff member for assistance. • Please place all trash in the waste or recycling bins before you leave. • Food is allowed in the game room. However, please keep the items in the designated areas – away from bowling lanes and off of pool tables. • Please do not move any furniture without the approval and/or assistance from the staff. The Game Room may be reserved by user groups for private parties. Fees are applicable for user groups. To reserve the Game Room for a special event, contact More detailed rules are found in the Game Room regarding specific use of bowling lanes and billiards tables.

General Reservation and Use of Facility

Click here for General Guidelines for Space Reservations for The University of Akron Student Union.

Hours of Operation Policies

The Department of Student Life reserves the right to designate appropriate days during the year that the Student Union will be CLOSED. The Student Union will observe the holiday schedule approved by the Board of Trustees annually. The Department of Student Life is responsible for compiling and publishing the Hours of Operation for all areas in the Student Union. The hours are collaboratively determined by all areas of the building. In order to be of greater service to the University community and the Akron area community, building hours of the Student Union may be extended upon request and availability. A request for extended building hours must be submitted 10 calendar days prior to the event. Requests can be made to the Executive Director, Student Union by contacting the Department of Student Life Administration Desk at 330-972-7866. An additional charge will be assessed to the USER to cover staffing for special or early opening and/or special or late closing of the facility. Extended building hours for all events must comply with all Student Union and University policies.

Non-University Food Policy

Due to health and liability issues, food from outside sources (including homemade food and beverage items) is prohibited in the Student Union. Departments and registered student organizations are highly encouraged to utilize Dining Services and Catering Services to meet their food and beverage needs. Dining Services and Catering Services are aware that there are many dietary needs, including specific religious and ethnic requests, and will work the departments and organizations to meet these needs and accommodate our guests. If you have such request, please complete and submit a Catering Waiver Request Form. For a full list of dining locations, please visit

Posting of Materials (Banners, Handbills, Kiosks, Table Tents)

Banners The Department of Student Life reserves the right to determine acceptability of banners based on content and/or quality. Posting on any finished wall surfaces and interior or exterior glass is prohibited, with the exception of special permission given by the Executive Director, Student Union or designee. Banners must include the name of the organization or department sponsoring the event. Information on banners must include an event located in the Student Union, or a campus-wide event, to be considered for hanging. Banners are limited to 40 inches wide x 90 inches long. Banners will be removed by the Department of Student Life after the date of event. Banners may hang for no longer than 10 calendar days. Banners will be discarded if not picked up within two business days after the end of the event. Approved material will be posted based on space availability in this order: • Registered Student Organizations (must have disclaimer on material) • Academic/Administrative Departments • Non-profits Handbills Upon approval by the Department of Student Life, the following are allowed to distribute handbills* in the Student Union: • Registered Student Organizations (must have disclaimer on handbills) • Campus Departments • Sponsorships by student organizations or campus departments will be granted so long as the sponsor's name is visibly displayed. Approval for handbill distribution does not necessarily mean endorsement by the Department of Student Life. Some handbills may be subject to a disclaimer at the discretion of the Executive Director, Student Union. The Department of Student Life reserves the right to turn away those distributing materials that do not promote student engagement and development through programs and services designed for student learning or advocate an inclusive, safe and supportive atmosphere for the campus community and guests. The Department of Student Life is not responsible for handbills that are disposed of or removed. You may not impede the flow of traffic by standing in entrances or walkways in order to distribute. Space permitted, only registered student organizations, campus departments and co-sponsorships may place fifty (50) additional approved copies of the handbill at the Information Center and Game Room desks. Handbills may be distributed in independent retail areas of the Student Union, subject to additional approval of the respective management (i.e. Barnes and Noble, Zee's Natural). *The Department of Student Life classifies a handbill as a small printed sheet of paper bearing an announcement with the intent of hand distribution. Kiosks Registered student organizations or academic/administrative departments may have materials in the kiosks upon approval by the Department of Student Life’s Information Center. Postings will be placed by the Department of Student Life’s Information Center. • Registered student organizations must have the disclaimer on the poster. • Academic/administrative departments must have the name of the department and The University of Akron name/logo. • Posters must be for major events and advertisement only, which include the date, time and location of the event. Posters for general meetings will not be accepted. • Poster size: 11” x 17” Space will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. Postings will be hung for one to four weeks at a time, and up to five copies can be posted. The registered student organization or academic/administrative departments are responsible for the development and printing of posters. Table Tents Only registered student organizations or academic/administrative departments may display table tents. Organization/Department is responsible for the development of table tents. The maximum exposure time allowable for table tents is one week. Content must be approved by the Department of Student Life Information Center. Upon approval, table tents will be placed by the Department of Student Life.


“Demonstration” is defined as a person or assembly of persons engaged in a rally, march, sit-in, fast or other public manifestation of welcome, approval, protest, or disapproval but does not include social or athletic events. Registered student organizations must have permission from the SOuRCe before protesting anywhere on campus. To register a protest, visit the SOuRCe located in room 133 of the Student Union. As part of the registration process, a pre-protest meeting may be required to gather information, inform campus colleagues, and ensure the organization is protesting in an appropriate public speech zone.Guidelines for protesting: • Protests must not obstruct or disrupt, by auditory or any other means, any University activities. • Sound amplification may only be used at a volume which does not disrupt or distract from the normal use of classrooms, offices, or laboratories, or any scheduled University event. • Signs attached to rigid supports or frameworks are prohibited. If a protest is not registered, the associated group will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Public Address System

The Department Student Life staff or their designee is authorized to operate the P.A. system. The system will be used for operational purposes in the building. Registered student organizations or academic/administrative departments wishing to have announcements read must complete an announcement template. Templates are located at the Department of Student Life’s Information Center. Upon approval, the announcement will be read by the Information Center.

Rental Rates

Any Registered Student Organization may reserve a meeting room free of rental and labor charges. The only exception is the Game Room. Rental rates apply to this room see: Student Organization Rental Rates. Any academic/administrative department may reserve meeting rooms free of rental or labor charge except Student Union Grand Ballroom, Ballroom A, Ballroom B, Ballroom C, Ballroom D, Ballroom E and the Game Room. (See rental rates for University departments.) A facility rental and labor fee applies to all Non-University groups. (See Non-University rental rates.) Any Non-University group or organization may reserve Student Union facilities if available (with exception of concourse tables), and will be charged the current Non-University rates. Click here to review definitions for users of the Student Union facility. All University groups or organizations are responsible for any charges such as, but not limited to, damages, food service and security. Outsource charges may be incurred based on USER requests and needs. Unless a special set-up for the facility has been requested, the group reserves the facility in its "as is" set-up. Should the facility be left damaged or altered in any way, the organization whose name appears on the confirmation will be charged the incurred damage/cleaning fee. In the event that a confirmed request for space is no longer needed by the user, it is the responsibility of the USER to cancel the request within seven (7) days of the event. Any request for space cancelled less than six days prior to the event or no show will result in the USER being charged a cancellation fee. (See General Reservation and Use of Facility policy.) The established list of facility rental rates for both University and non-University groups is available on the Department of Student Life Web page and is available in printed form in the Administration Office. This list is reviewed on a periodic basis and is subject to change without notice on approval of the Board of Trustees.

Sales, Distribution, and Solicitation

Sales and Distribution The sale is an action that involves exchange of money for an item. Distribution is an action of disseminating a product or item free of charge. Registered student organizations and academic/administrative departments are permitted to sell or distribute non-food items from any reservable space except dining areas. Registered student organizations and academic/administrative departments may request authorization to sell or distribute non-perishable, pre-packaged specialty food items by completing the University Catering Waiver Request Form. The sale of homemade food items is prohibited in the Student Union. In compliance with our Food Service Operation Licenses, no hot prepared food other than that prepared by University Catering, University Dining Services or certain pre-approved commercial entities may be sold by anyone on campus. Conference/Convention groups reserving space within the Student Union may be permitted to sell or distribute appropriate items in reserved space to Conference/Convention participants. Solicitation Registered student organizations and academic/administrative departments may reserve a Concourse Table or other area acceptable by the Department of Student Life and may use this as the main point of collection throughout the day. Organizations may advertise their cause and communicate with members of their organization in the reserved area. Activities such as the signing of petitions or distribution of printed materials may only take place at a Concourse Table. ( See Handbill policy under Posting of Materials) Organizations can request an easel to display a poster or sign at the time of reservation, based on availability. Organizations must stay clear of entrances, lines for food, dining areas and major walkways, so as to not impede the flow of traffic.

Ticket Sales Agreement

The Department of Student Life Information Center provides an avenue to sell tickets for organizations' events.Agreement: • Ticket Sales Agreement and tickets must be turned in five calendar days prior to the start date of ticket sales to the Information Center. Fees: • A required administrative fee of $35 per week or partial week will be charged for the services rendered. The fee can be subtracted at the conclusion of the sale from gross receipts. • Within five calendar days following the event, fees will be applied to the account provided.