Micro CT Scanner

Micro Computed Tomography (Micro CT) Scanner

Rm 212 NPIC

Skyscan 1172 Micro Computed Tomography Scanner


X-ray micro computed tomography (Micro CT) is a technique used to nondestructively characterize material microstructure in three dimensions at a micron level spatial resolution. A micro-focus X-ray source illuminates the object and as it rotates on a high precision stage magnified projection images are captured by a planar multichannel X-ray detector and stored in the computer memory. From these projection images, using specialized reconstruction software, a stack of virtual cross section images through the object are synthesized. Scrolling through the cross sections, interpolating sections along different planes is then possible and is used to inspect the internal structure. Selecting simple or complex volumes of interest, 3D morphological parameters can be measured and realistic visual models for virtual travel within the object can be created. The best Micro CT images are obtained from objects in which microstructural features coincide with contrast in X-ray absorption of the constituent materials of the sample.


Biomedical research, material science, pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing, composites, dental research, electronic components, geology, zoology, botany, building materials, paper manufacturing, and many more.


  • X-ray source: 20-100kV, 10W, <5µm spot size or 20-80kV, 8W, <8µm spot size
  • X-ray detector: 11 Megapixel (4000 x 2300), 12-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled to a scintillator
  • Maximum object size: 27mm in diameter or size (single scan) or 50mm in diameter or size (offset scan)
  • Taller samples can be scanned using oversized scanning mode
  • Detail detectability: < 1 µm at highest resolution
  • Reconstruction: Cone-beam volumetric (Feldkamp algorithm)
  • Radiation safety: <1 µSv/h at any point on the instrument surface
  • X-ray source: Sealed microfocus X-ray tube, air cooled, >10,000h lifetime;
  • Automatic filter changer (3 positions) for beam-hardening compensation and multi-energy scanning. Filters: 0.5mm AI, 0.5mm AI/40 um Cu.