X-Ray Computed Tomography LAB

1. Lab Description and Capabilities

  • Characterize surfaces properties and composition at high resolution
  • Highly accurate inspection on dense materials such as metals

2. Deliverables

  • Characterization of corrosion related damage (pits, cracks, and crevices), fracture surfaces, inclusions at select locations, corrosion products (oxides) and grain structures
  • Large walk-in cabinet can accommodate large samples

3. Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • Nikon XT H 320 system with 5‐axis manipulator
    • 225 kV, 225 W Ultrafocus X‐ray source with reflection target
    • Minimal focal spot size of 3μm
    • Motorized Receptacle Alignment (MRA) for electronic alignment of filament
    • 5‐axis sample manipulator, 100 kg maximum weight
    • Manipulator max travel of 500 mm in X, 600 mm in Y and 700 mm in Z
    • High precision rotate stage for accurate CT
    • PerkinElmer XRD 1621 Flat Panel X‐ray Detectors (FPDs) provide a dynamic range over 88 dB and frame rates up to 30 frames per second