X-Ray Diffraction Lab

1. Lab Description and Capabilities

  • X-ray diffraction and reflectivity apparatus capable of characterizing thin films, surface structures, and materials at high humidity and high temperature
  • Very fast, high dynamic range 2-D detector capabilities enabling kinetic studies
  • Unique sample environment capabilities to address in situ work and extreme conditions

2. Deliverables

  • High resolution characterization of thin metal, ceramic, polymer, and composite films
  • Determination of multilayer structure for films up to 400 nm thick
  • Quantification of interfacial width between layers in multilayers or between coatings and substrate
  • Quantification of interfacial roughness to Å level resolution.
  • Depth profiling of thin coating uniformity with 10 Å resolution
  • Determination of thin coating thermal expansion with Å resolution
  • Quantification of thin coating swelling with humidity
  • Identification of crystalline structure characteristics in very thin (nm) films and surface layers
  • Characterization of perfection of in-plane ordering in functional polymer and composite films

3. Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • Highly stable, 3.0 kW x-ray generator with high resolution goniometer
  • Cross beam optics with parabolic mirror and curved and flat diffracted beam monochromator that provides ability to rapidly switch between high intensity configuration with moderate resolution and a parallel beam geometry that provides very high resolution
  • Germanium (220) 2-bounce incident beam and diffracted beam monochromators that can be used in parallel beam geometry to further enhance resolution for reflectivity measurements of films of 100s of nm thickness or very high resolution diffraction measurements
  • In plane diffraction attachment and φ attachment for in-plane sample rotation
  • Accessories for reflectivity measurements
  • Hybrid pixel array detector for point, 1-dimensional, or 2-dimensional detection – fastest technology in the U.S.
  • Cryo and humidity chamber for studies in cold, or up to 300°C, or at high humidity
  • Domed sample hot stage for measurements at temperatures of up to 1100°C