Technology Transition Lab

Multi-function flexible research space for larger projects that typically cannot be accommodated on a bench top in a standard research lab environment.

Enhancing NCERCAMP’s Capacity to Support Research

The research group and students will have the ability to work with a variety of different materials preparation methods and processes. Also with the size and flexibility of the space, they can do large scale mock ups and simulations.

Equipment & Lab Uniqueness 

Buehler sectioning saw used in cutting and sectioning materials that are larger in size. Abrasive media blasting cabinet for preparing research materials for various types of testing in regard to coatings and finishes. Bench top vibratory finishing machine for deburring and polishing materials and specimens for research work. These are in conjunction with many features found in standard research labs.


This large flexible lab space equipped with a variety of materials preparation equipment will allow for a unique research, training and learning environment. This in turn provides NCERCAMP with an edge in handling new projects that are larger in nature and not possible at most other research lab facilities.