Sensors Laboratory

The sensors laboratory is intended to support research in sensors and sensing.

Enhancing NCERCAMP’s Capacity to Support Research

The laboratory is equipped to conduct research in diverse areas of sensing from prototyping to testing. It contains both equipment and facilities including vented space for chemical experiments. Facilities for prototyping with surface mount devices, a rework station and two full stations for testing and evaluation allow for a variety of projects to be conducted from initiation to completion. It has served since its inception to complete a number of sensing projects. In support of NCERCAMP, it can be used to develop and test sensors in general but it is particularly well suited to work in AC effects (AC induced corrosion effects) and high-frequency applications including microwaves. The laboratory also has facilities for environmental testing including a temperature and altitude/humidity chamber. 

Equipment & Lab Uniqueness 

The lab contains the following major equipment

  1. Sensor Station(s)
    1. Tektronix MSO4054B mixed signal oscilloscope (500 MHz, 2.5 GS/s)
    2. Tektronix AFG3022C 25 MHz function generator
    3. 2xKeithley 2110-120 broad purpose digital multimeters
    4. 2xKeithley2230-30-1 multi-output power supply
  2. Measurement Station
    1. Tektronix MDO4000 mixed domain oscilloscope
    2. Tektronix TDP0500 high voltage differential probe
    3. Tektronix TCP0030A ac/dc current probe
    4. Keithley 6221/2182A dc current source
  3. Solder station - for prototyping with SMD devices including rework and inspection
  4. Environmental chamber
    1. EVTH7-CWW Temperature & altitude/Temperature & humidity chamber
  5. Other equipment includes a spectrum analyzer and a network analyzer for wireless sensors work and smaller items.


In addition to serving the needs of NCERCAMP, the laboratory is available to faculty for research and development in sensors. It has served in this capacity for the last three years concluding a number of projects in collaboration with local industry and as part of the third-frontier project. A current third-frontier project in sensing for the power grid uses the laboratory for development and integration of sensors in a platform for monitoring of power grid conditions.