High Temperature Burner Rig

Lab Description and Capabilities

  • High temperature, high velocity (up to Mach 2) burner rig testing with capability for sand ingestion
  • Uniaxial tension-compression: fast fracture, fatigue, creep, etc.
  • Health monitoring via acoustic emission (AE), electrical resistance
  • Thermal imaging
  • Digital image correlation (DIC) with thermal imaging


  • Stressed oxidation testing under high velocity, high water content atmosphere up to 1450C
  • Thermal barrier coated (TBC) superalloy system evaluation
  • Environmental barrier coated (EBC) ceramic matrix composite evaluation
  • CMAS hot corrosion evaluation of TBC or EBC systems
  • Health-monitoring to detect damage development under above conditions

Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • Plasma Powders High Velocity Oxygen Flame Powder Spray System
  • Horizontal MTS hydraulic universal testing machine
  • ARAMIS 5M DIC SYSTEM with Thermography
  • Digital Wave Acoustic Emission System
  • Epsilon high temperature extensometer