Mechanical Testing Lab

1. Lab Description and Capabilities

  • Mechanical testing equipment related to small-to-medium scale static and fatigue testing of metallic and non-metallic materials

2. Deliverables

  • Versatility and high-performance solutions necessary for accurate and repeatable static and dynamic material and component testing before and after corrosion degradation
  • Prototyping, testing, and experimental validation of modeling
  • Wide range of tests including fatigue crack growth, high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, tension, and compression
  • Suitable for testing a range of non-metallic and metallic materials including plastics, ceramics, concrete, elastomers, aluminum, composites, steel, and super alloys
  • Full and standalone systems to include load frame, controller, software, grips and fixtures, environmental simulation capabilities, extensometers, and hydraulic power units

3. Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • Cortest SSRT testing machine for slow strain rate testing
  • MTS Landmark C45.105 servo-hydraulic test system for static and fatigue tests – 55 kip rated capacity
  • MTS Landmark™ Servohydraulic Test System