High Temperature/High Pressure Recirculating Autoclave Lab

1. Lab Description and Capabilities

  • Corrosion investigations in the nuclear energy arena
  • Simulates temperature, pressure, chemistry and operating stresses that are experienced in a pressurized water reactor system that is completely computerized

2. Deliverables

  • Generates deliverables in the area of nuclear energy through research and testing in:
    • Stress corrosion cracking
    • Corrosion product deposition
    • Fuel cladding materials

3. Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • CorTest Recirculating HTHP Autoclave
    • 3‐Liter 316 S.S. HP/HT C.F. Autoclave
    • 316 S.S. Solid Forging
    • 3‐liter capacity; 360°C (680°F); up to 20 MPa (2,901 psi)
    •  Bolted lid closure with 316 S.S. seal ring
    • (6) 1/4" HiP ports in vessel lid
    • (4) 1/4" HiP ports in vessel body
    • SCR heater system
    • Recirculating Flow Loop for Autoclave with Slow Strain Rate Instrument
    •  316 S.S. Construction
    • Autoclave Refresh Rate: 3 times per hour (2.5 ml/s; 9‐Liters per hour)
    • Autoclave Body Lifting Device
    • Load Frame and Flow Loop Controller(s) and associated software
    • CERT/SSRT instrument to accommodate 3‐liter vessel @ 360°C (680°F)
    • 50KN (10,000 pound) frame capacity
    • Motor/Gear Drive
    • 10,000-Pound Precision Load Cell