Faculty Lab

This is the faculty lab that will be used to conduct research in coating development, coating application and coating characterization.

Enhancing NCERCAMP’s Capacity to Support Research

The faculty lab is intended to enhance the Coating Sample Preparation & Examination Lab in NCERCAMP to support corrosion-related research in coatings. The lab is capable for coating application, coating development and coating evaluation.

Equipment & Lab Uniqueness 

The major equipment in this lab is the fluorescence microscopy. The OLYMPUS microscope system is supplied with digital color/monochrome camera and the deconvolution module, which will provide a high-resolution fluorescence image and is capable for 3-D imaging. A wide range of objectives and filters increases the capability of the fluorescence microscopy to be used in many different kinds of applications.


The fluorescence microscopy that is capable for many research needs will support the research activities for NCERCAMP. The faculty lab will enhance the NCERCAMP’s ability to support CPO and broader corrosion activities.