There is no difference between a minor in mathematics and a minor in applied mathematics in terms of course requirements. The program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of a wide variety of students, so you may customize your electives. When you graduate, you may choose whether to call it a minor in mathematics or a minor in applied mathematics by choosing the appropriate academic plan code.


  • The following required courses:
    3450:221 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (4 credits)
    3450:222 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (4 credits)
    3450:223 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III (4 credits)
  • One of the following two courses:
    3450:312 Linear Algebra (3 credits)
    3450:438 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I (3 credits)
  • Complete 9 credit hours of approved electives at the 300/400 level in mathematics, computer science or statistics. At least 6 of these credits must be from 3450 courses.

Approved Statistics (3470) courses: 401, 450, 451, 452, 461. Note that 401 is discouraged because it is only a 2 credit course, making it difficult to fulfill the 9 credit elective requirement.

Approved Computer Science (3460) courses: 316, 401, 418. All other appropriate courses require one of these as a prerequisite.

There are two forms for you to fill out, the department form and the college form.  You may bring completed or partly completed copies to, or pick up copies in, the Math Department Office, CAS 220.