As a mathematics or applied mathematics major at The University of Akron, you can gain valuable work experience through cooperative education (co-op) and internships. Participating in co-op allows you to experience first-hand what a specific career is all about by alternating work for salary and school each semester after your sophomore year. In the past, our students have participated in co-op assignments with organizations such as:

* Glidden Co.
* National Security Agency
* BF Goodrich
* NASA Lewis Research Center
* General Electric
* Babcock and Wilcox
* Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corp.
* Diebold, Inc.
* Telxon Corp.
* Roadway Logistics

An internship allows you to learn about the career you may enter as a professional by working five to ten hours a week and helps you to assemble a portfolio of materials to use in applying for professional positions. In addition, you may earn academic credit through an independent study project under the advisement of a faculty member. Co-op and internships also improve your employment opportunities and potential salary upon graduation.

For more information, contact the Career Center or the College of Arts and Sciences Career Program