Having trouble connecting to UA’s network?

You’ve come to the right place for help!

First things first: Are you on the right wireless network?

  1. Roo-Secure: Used by all students, faculty, and staff associated with The University of Akron. A UAnet ID and password are required. How to access.
  2. Rootown: This older wireless network has been replaced with Roo-Secure. If you see this option, choose Roo-Secure instead.

Roo-Guest: Used by visitors to the campus and those without a UAnet ID and Password. This network is designed for casual web browsing and checking emails. UAGuest does not use encryption. It is possible for someone using a wireless sniffer to see your network activity.

It is recommended you use a VPN connection once connected to the Roo-Guest network.

The Roo-Guest wireless network only allows web traffic Port 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and IPSEC and PPTP VPN connections using standard ports. Individuals current affiliated with the University should not need to use this guest network.

For visitors: How to connect to Roo-Guest

Note: In some cases WPA2-Enterprise and/or AES may not be an option. Selecting WPA or WPA2 for Security Type and TKIP for Encryption type should work as long as the device is able to perform PEAP Authentication. Call the University's Help Desk for assistance: 330-972-6888.

Problems connecting?

First, check the make sure you are using the proper network (see box above).

Different operating systems require different setups. This UA Wiki provides connection instructions for Windows (7, 8, Vista and 10); Mac (OSX), Linux, iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Important considerations:

  • iPhone: Note: You must have iOS 2.0 or later to connect to the network
  • Windows XP: UA no longer supports Windows XP. It is no longer possible to connect any XP machine to any of our networks in any fashion. Must use Windows Vista or newer to connect.
  • Vista Wireless Configuration only works when there is no preexisting Rootown profile. If there Is one, you can delete it first when you get to step 3 in the Wiki instructions.
  • Mac/Apple: if setup outlined in Wiki does NOT work: Please note these steps are only for use on the 10.5.X (Leopard) system and the 10.6.X (Snow Leopard) System. This should work on 10.5.2 but it is highly recommended you upgrade to the newest release Sometimes Apple has trouble picking up new Enterprise Wireless Network Settings. Be sure to clear the keychain of any old login information. Also, toggling the Airport on and off sometimes will force new settings to take action. If this does not work, restarting the computer after the settings are all in place is known to be effective.
  • Android Wireless: Not every Android device will have the icons and menus look EXACTLY like this, but they will all be very similar provided they are running Android 4.x or 5.x.
  • Linux Wireless: The Linux operating system comes in many different distributions, with many different user interfaces, and ways to configure its software. Therefore, it is not possible for UA to list setups for all of them. The Wiki provides instructions for the most popular distribution, Ubuntu, and provides GUI instructions for the three most common user interfaces (Gnome, KDE, and Xfce). Different distributions should either be the same or very similar. The instructions provided in the Wiki are for Ubuntu but should apply to Xubuntu and Mint.
  • Hardware/Software Providers: Sometimes hardware providers make changes to their system or software that can affect connectivity. For example, Tivo or Pandora may have made changed to their setup. UA is unable to fix such issues and you need to contact the hardware/software provider.  If the provider gives you information that may be of use to others, please share it with the University.

Note: While setting up your wireless connection, you may have joined the "Roo-Guest" network. Sometimes your computer will keep connecting to Roo-Guest. If so, find the network under Settings > Wi-Fi, click on the arrow next to the network, and select "Forget This Network." This will drop the profile for "Roo-Guest" and use your new Roo-Secure one.

UA has replaced most of the aging Cisco wireless access point that provided Rootown with new Aruba 2.4/5 ghz access points.


  • Ensure you have the correct configuration. It might be useful to start over. Tell your device or laptop to forget or erase your Roo-Secure connection and set it up anew using the instructions above.
  • Older hardware and software systems may not be compatible with UA's network. Some issues are described on this page under "Device won't connect/can’t configure device."
  • Slowdown may be due to heavy usage at peak times. Heavy use might be related to the release of a new game or operating system that people are all using or related to UA hardware.

In some cases, there are areas of weak coverage as you travel campus.

Ensure you have compatible hardware/software and proper configuration (see above).

If you have noted an area of poor coverage that is needed for use, please call the Helpdesk at 330-972-6888 to let us know.

There can be a number of reasons why you cannot connect using a port in a University building.

  1. Ports are turned off after 30 days of inactivity. Contact Support Desk at 330-972-6888 to have port reactivated. 
  2. Ports are turned off if unauthorized equipment is detected. 
  3. No switches, hubs, routers, wireless routers or any type of port sharing equipment is permitted on the University network. 

At present, there is a two-minute window in connecting devices. That is, if you unplug your laptop and plug in a game console right away, the monitoring software for the ports may interpret that as multiple devices. 

Once the equipment is removed and UA's Networking group is notified that the equipment has been removed and will not be reinstalled, ports will be reactivated. 

Contact Support Desk at 330-972-6888 to have port reactivated.

Network jacks are enabled in the residence halls negotiate at 1000Mb/Full Duplex. Your PC/Mac should be set to autonegotiate speed, and receive an address by DHCP. If you suspect a physical jack is malfunctioning, please call telephone repair at 330-972-8053.

Help Desk

Free and available to students, faculty and staff.

To reach UA's Help Desk:

  1. Call 330-972-6888 (hours open) or
  2. send an email: HelpDesk@uakron.edu

Physical location: The MediaTech Services Desk in Bierce Library (map)

Visit the Support Wiki, with do-it-youself instructions