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Aircraft Tire Technology

Course Number: 114-0756 (formerly AP3532)
Date: 06/15/2021 - 06/15/2021
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404
Cost: $800 USD
Online Registration
CEU's: 0.8
Instructor: Tom Dwenger

Course Overview

The Aircraft Tire Technology Course  is designed to give students a basic understanding of the Aircraft Tire Design Process for both bias and radial aircraft tires, the components of an aircraft tire and the compound characteristics needed for each component, Aircraft Tire Retreading, Aircraft Tire Testing and the Airworthiness Authority regulations and approval process, the proper Care & Maintenance requirements and Aircraft Tire Investigation analysis.

Instructor Biography:

Tom Dwenger spent his entire engineering career at Goodyear in all phases of bias and radial aircraft tire design and development and was a Chief Engineer in that area. In addition, he served as a representative to the Rubber Manufacturers Association Aircraft Tire Engineering Committee, the Aircraft Tire & Rim Standards Committee, several years as its chairman, the US American National Standards Institute representative to the International Standards Organization, and the first Chairman of the Society of Engineers A-5C Committee on Aircraft Tires. He spent 5 years in Luxembourg when Goodyear set up a tire design group in its European Technical Center and was the design engineering lead in setting up 2 aircraft tire retreading production plants. Following his retirement from Goodyear, he has continued to consult for ES3, Inc, a consulting company headquartered in San Diego with its engineering base in Utah.

Aircraft Tire Design Process

  • Customer Request
  • Sales Issues Request to Develop Tire
  • Define Tire Standards
  • Tire Development
  • Bias versus Radial
  • Determine Component Requirements and Details
  • Mold Cavity Layout and Building Drum Selection
  • Obtain Required Equipment
  • Generate Cured Tire Drawing/Specification
  • Conduct Tire Construction Analysis (FEA)
  • Generate Green Tire Build Specification
  • Build Test Tires For Qualification
  • Obtain Necessary Approvals
  • Release Tire to Production
  • Follow-up on Aircraft Tire Field Performance

Aircraft Tire Rubber Compounding

  • Aircraft Tire Component Rubber Properties

Aircraft Tire Testing

  • Commercial Regulations
  • Military Requirements
  • Aircraft Tire Manufacturer Requirements

Aircraft Tire Analyses

  • Aircraft Tire Care & Maintenance
  • Aircraft Tire Investigation Checklist