Intro to belaying

Challenge yourself to become a more independent climber! Our introduction to belaying class teaches you all the basics needed to top rope belay at our wall.

How to sign up

There is a one-time $10 fee for the class and pre-registration is required. The fee can be paid in the Pro Shop located near the front desk of the Rec. Visit the rock wall for more information.

Class components

Our introduction to belaying class is a two-hour hands-on training that introduces the fundamental top rope belay skills necessary for top rope climbing. This course is required for all climbers, regardless of prior climbing experience or knowledge, who wish to belay and top rope independently at our wall. Topics include:

  • Proper use of climbing equipment
  • Tying the figure 8 knot
  • Pre-climbing safety checks and commands
  • Effective top rope belay technique

Becoming certified

Upon completion of the class, participants will need to take and pass our belay test in order to become certified. To pass, proficiency must be shown in the following areas:

  • Ability to put on a harness and properly tie into the harness using a Figure 8 follow-through knot.
  • Ability to properly load a GriGri belay device and attach to a ground anchor.
  • Ability to demonstrate a complete systems check.
  • Ability to demonstrate sound top rope belay mechanics and catch a fall.
  • Ability to use proper belay commands.

Up to 2 practice tests are allowed before the certification assessment. Participants must wait at least 24 hours after the class and/or practice test before attempting to become certified. Belay certifications last one semester, and each semester your skills will be re-tested. It should be noted that our belay certification is only designed for our facility; it does not transfer to any other facility and is not intended to introduce all skills and topics relevant to outdoor climbing.