Strength equipment

Strength equipment orientations are available at no cost. Please ask a SRWS fitness staff member for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the use of any equipment.

  • Maintain control of weights at all times:
    • No dropping weighted bars outside cage. Only weighted bars using rubber plates may be dropped in cages;
    • No slamming weight stacks;
    • No slamming Smith machine bars;
    • No use of weights on cardio machines.
  • Use of lock collars is required on all free-weight bars. Lock collars must be completely pushed up against weights on bar.
  • Weights must be re-racked on the appropriately marked rack position after completion of final set.
  • There is a maximum of 4 users per strength machine. Please allow others to work in with you between sets if applicable.
  • Plyometric activities (e.g., jump drills) may be conducted in the 2-court gym and at any designated Olympic lifting station in the weight room. Final interpretation of permissible activities is reserved for SRWS staff.
  • Olympic and overhead lifts may only be performed in designated cages with wooden platforms.
  • All equipment must remain in designated areas (e.g. weights cannot be taken to ab mats or track areas).
  • The use of any topical grip aid (e.g. chalks, liquids, sprays, lotions, etc.) is prohibited.