Forgotten / No ID policy

A valid Zip Card or SRWS Membership card is required for entry into the facilities. 

  1. Patrons who forget or loses their ID they can use the No ID form, once per semester.
  2. Prior to completing the form, the SRWS staff will check if they have used their No ID form during the semester.
  3. Upon completing the form, a staff member will verify the information and submit the form.

A Zip Card/ Member ID must be presented for the remainder of the semester each visit.

Student ID misuse

University Policy 3359-41-01 - (D) Definition of student misconduct.

The University of Akron defines "student misconduct" as behavior that violates university policies, rules and regulations. Any student or student organization alleged to have committed or to have attempted to commit the following misconduct is subject to the disciplinary process outlined in this rule.

(2) Knowingly furnishing false or misleading information to university officials or faculty members either verbally, in writing or in any other form of communication or on university records, including but no limited to forgery, alteration, or misuse of any university document, record, or instrument of identification.