Multipurpose courts

Court schedules can be found on the bulletin board before entering Court 2 or online.

  • Beverages are permitted in closed, screw-top, plastic or metal containers only.
  • Appropriate attire is required.
  • No kicking or throwing basketballs and/or other equipment towards the walls, ceiling, windows and/or track.
  • No dunking, hanging, or grabbing on nets or rims.
  • Baseball, football, lacrosse, and other activities deemed unsafe or not listed as approved are prohibited unless prior permission is obtained from the SRWS staff.
  • Martial Arts activities are prohibited unless prior permission is obtained from the SRWS staff.
  • Fitness floor/weight room equipment may not be relocated to court areas for any reason.
  • House rules are in effect for all basketball/volleyball games (see challenge play rules).
  • Time limits may be imposed if play is slow or court availability is limited.
  • Volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis, etc., are permitted only in specified places at designated times. Prior approval from building supervisor must be obtained if a change to the posted schedule occurs.
  • During open recreation hours one court may be designated as half court play for basketball.
  • Priority is given to the activity on the posted court schedule.
  • SRWS staff have the authority to remove patrons from the courts/building who do not comply with the gymnasium rules and policies.
  • Equipment for approved activities can be checked out, by members, at the equipment check-out desk at the bottom of the main SRWC staircase. Lost/damaged equipment fees will be applied if equipment is damaged or not returned.