Faculty Research

The department's faculty is actively engaged in publishing the results of their literary and cultural investigations.  Recent publications have appeared in Symposium, Neophilologus, Hispanic Review, Romance Notes and other prestigious journal.  For more information on individual faculty's research interests, please consult the Faculty listing.

Recent Faculty Publications

  • Neal, Thomas C. Writing the Americas in Enlightenment Spain: Literature, Modernity and the New World, 1773-1812. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2017.

  • Wyszynski, Matthew A. "Clueless in Don Quixote (1615): Sancho Panza and Game Theory."  eHumanista/Cervantes.  (4) 2015.

  • Wyszynski, Matthew A. "Civil Oratory in Cervantes' La Numancia."  Symposium 68.1 (Spring, 2014);  25-36.

  • Neal, Thomas C.  “Reimagining Criollos and Indianos in Spanish Enlightenment Literature: Jovellanos’s El delincuente honrado and the Literary Circle of Pablo de Olavide.”  Dieciocho: Hispanic Enlightenment 36.2 (2013): 311-328.

  • Wyszynski, Matthew A.  “‘Cupido atropellado’: The Dominance of Friendship in Tirso’s Cómo han de ser los amigos.”  Bulletin of the Comediantes.  61.1 (2011): 59-73.

  • Adamowicz-Hariasz, Maria.   Going Global, a Requirement for the 21st Century:  How Teacher Candidates and Community Benefit from Teachers Abroad.  Co-authored with Susan Colville-Hall.  Ohio Social Studies Review 46.1  (2010): 48-55.
  • Adamowicz-Hariasz, Maria. Le Trauma et le témoignage dans Le Livre d’Emma de Marie Célie Agnant. Symposium. 64.3 (2010): 149-168.
  • Dejbord, Parizad. "Re-construcciones ekfrásticas del cuerpo femenino en Las musas inquietantes de Cristina Peri Rossi". Bernucci, Leopoldo M. y Williams, Tamara R. Eds. Literatura a ciencia cierta: Homenaje a Cedomil Goic. Newark: Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, Dec 2010: 229-246.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A. “Mulier bona dicendi perita?  Women and Rhetoric in Don Quixote.”  Cervantes. 30.2 (Fall, 2010): 79-96.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A.  “Torres Naharro’s Rhetorical Skirmish in Comedia Himenea.” Neophilologus.  94.2 (2010): 251-263.
  • Zanetta, María Alejandra.  "Redefinición del concepto de género en Estación. Ida y vuelta de Rosa Chacel y La religión del trabajo de Maruja Mallo". Letras Femeninas 36.2 (2010): 11-37.
  • Zanetta, María Alejandra.  “The concept of sisterhood in Carmenr Martin Gaite y Remedios Varo”. Beyond the Back Room: New Perspectives on Carmen Martin Gaite Marian Womack and Jennifer Wood (Eds.) Peter Lang (Oxford) 2010. 51-79.

Recent Faculty Presentations

  • Adamowicz-Hariasz, Maria FATITI (Franco-American Teachers in Training Institute):  A Study of Best Practices in Teaching and Studying Abroad.  The Second IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) Conference.  Minneapolis, MN, October 29-30, 2010. Co-presented with Tama Engelking (Cleveland State University) and Susan Colville-Hall (The University of Akron). 
  • Adamowicz-Hariasz, Maria. Maud Robart:  entre la tradition et la modernité.  The Fifth Franklin College Conference on Caribbean Culture and Literature.  Lugano, Switzerland, April 7-9, 2011. 
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A.  “Forensic Rhetoric and Justice under Governor Sancho.” Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference.  Lexington, KY.  April, 2012.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A. "Justice in Don Quijote Part II." Central Texas Cervantes Symposium. Austin, TX. October, 2011.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A.  “Women’s Rhetoric in Zayas’ La traición en la amistad.”  Cincinnati Foreign Language Conference.  University of Cincinnati.  May, 2011.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A.  “Civil or Civic Rhetoric in La Numancia?” Central Texas Cervantes Symposium. Austin, TX. November, 2010.
  • Wyszynski, Matthew A. “Women and Rhetoric in Don Quijote.” Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference. Lexington, KY. April, 2010.